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DW Express Limited

Muzamil Amin Kantroo : 17-MIB-054

Mohd. Maaz Khan. : 17-MIB-052
Murtaza Abbas Zaidi. :17-MIB-053
Mohammad Junaid. :17-MIB-040
Hira Syed Anwar :17-MIB-028
Zahra Khan :17-MIB-078
Maseeullah :17-MIB-036

• DW Express Limited was established in 2003 & currently has

strategic partners in major sea & airports across the world.
• Specialize in sea & air freight, consolidation, packaging,
transport & logistics, warehousing & customs clearance.
• With Reliability & timely services, the company has grown
progressively to become a major & reliable player in the
• Currently serving in all continents
• Offering tailor made services suitable for individual needs.
Company Profile

• The company has invested tremendously in the latest & relevant technologies in regard
to communications, tracking, transfers, transport, packaging & storage, With DW
Express, goods are not only secure, but clients are always in the know as pertains to
the whereabouts of their goods every step of the way. To achieve this, they have
developed Internal Operation Standards (IOS) which are bench marked internationally.
• They stand out favourably for our outsourcing capacity, conventionally acceptable
business conduct & international affiliations which culminate in competitive pricing;
prompt deliveries & good customer relations.
• They strive to build a working bond that ensures clients get reliable services thus
getting added value for their money. As a result, DW Express Limited has been
embraced by leading companies and organizations in ICT, Health, Relief and
Humanitarian; Agriculture, Hospitality and other NGO community.

Import &
Door to Door

Documentation Warehousing
Timeliness Sense of Urgency

Core Values

Caring Attitude Integrity


• Timeliness
They thrive on challenges and perform activities with high sense of urgency.
• Integrity
They are honest and trustworthy and accept responsibility for their actions and follow
through on promises and commitments. To conform to the law and maintain
confidentiality in all their operational and transactional dealings.
• Quality
They take pride in what we do and deliver high quality services to clients and partners.
• Caring Attitude
To form a personal relationship with customers that encourages free flow of feedback
on our services standards. To understand, meet and exceed our customer’s
expectations through perpetual improvement on the quality of services.

“To be an authority & market leader in

offering reliable, cost effective &
secure worldwide logistics solutions
where our customers will benefit from
a personalized relationship.”

To be the provider of choice

for innovative and quality
logistical solutions


Import Cargo

• Successfully handled
several prestigious
assignments for clients
involving import
clearance for ICT
companies and
consumables’ companies
– just to mention a few.
Export Cargo

• Undertake all modes of export

clearance – air, sea, road for
both local and international
• They take this responsibility
right from picking the cargo
from the customers doorstep
till its loaded on the vessel,
aircraft, wagon or truck.

• Provide secure
and spacious
and logistics
Door to Door Services

• The company offers door to

door services and transit
bonds from cargo origin to
the clients offices or
Document Collection

Documents collection and

delivery is made easy. They are
just a call away and our riders
will ensure that they collect or
deliver the document on time.
Secure Loading

They take great care of

your cargo when loading
and off loading by use of
specialized lifting
equipment in all of their
Cargo Booking


Cargo Position

Freight Department

Tax Consultancy

In order to cater for the needs of the

clients and to assist them in matters
relating Port matters, the company
consult customs or KRA on behalf of
the clients whenever necessary or in
certain circumstances of dispute
regarding Duty payment, Exemptions,
Valuation, Refund matters involving
Cargo Inspection

Request for

Product Determination
Testing of Route

Certification Inspection
• Request for Certification:
The electronic import declaration form (IDF) data entered and
transmitted to any appointed inspection agent (SGS, Intertek) then
the supplier contacts them for a request for certification form (RFC).
The exporter then sends the form completed together with a pro
forma invoice providing information about the date and place for
inspection and any other information requested.
• Determination of Route:
The inspection agent country office reviews the RFC and attached
documentation and confirms the applicable route for certification
and the standards applicable.
• Inspection:
The inspection agency country office will contact the supplier and confirm the appointment for
physical inspection of the consignment. This is normally carried out to verify requirements that
may be visually verified (eg: product labelling) to ensure reconciliation of the consignment with
previously submitted test reports.
• Certification:
Except for air shipments, the exporter shall submit a final invoice to the inspection agency, as
soon as possible after physical inspection. The inspection agency will perform a final review of
all test and inspection reports and decide upon the issuance of the Certificate of Conformity
(CoC) or non conformity report.
• Product Testing:
Product testing and sampling is then arranged with an approved or an ISO 17025 accredited
laboratory in advance of the scheduled date of shipment. Upon completion of product testing,
reports are submitted to the inspection agency country office whereby the CoC is issued.
• Transhipment
• Packing, warehousing and distribution
• Arranging cargo insurance
• Documentation and customs clearance
• Payment of freight and local taxes
• Transportation distribution analysis
• Transport arrangements
• Cargo Consolidation and multimodal
Reverse Logistics
• Returns Processing
• Return Center Management
• Return to Vendor Management
• Flow Management of Returned Product (retailer to
• Product Recall Management
• Product Recycling
• Test, Repair and Refurbishment Operations
• Product inspection, Repair and Testing for Resale
Third Party Logistics
• Transportation or Freight
Management (including
technology, freight accounting,
and services around claims)
• Public/Contract Warehousing
• Distribution Management
• Freight Consolidation