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Level of Awareness on the

Bullying Incidence of
Bullying in schools has become a large concern across countries(Englander,2008).
Bullying is a common issue which both student and schools face. In fact, as years
passed, it has been viewed as being so rampant in schools, that it has been
overlooked as a threat to students and decrease the level of beliefs that bullying is a
developmental stage that most youth will encounter and should
Unfortunately, witnessing the negative actions are not always obvious for students
because bullying could be physical, relational and psychological. There can be
direct behaviors like teasing, racial, ethnic, harassment, hitting and stealing( Harris,
Petrie and Wiloughby,2002,p.4), is what mostly people think when bullying is
Bullying can affect everyone , those who are bullied , those who bully and those who
witnesses bullying. Bullying is linked to various negative outcomes specifically the
effects on a person’s mental health. That is why it is significant to make kids
determine whether bullying or something else is concerned.
The present researchers would like to determine the level of awareness towards
bullying to students of Carmen National Agricultural High School.
Statement of the problem:

The study will answer the ff.

I. What level of awareness do

students have in terms of bullying.
II. Anxiety level of the bullied
towards the bully.
Scope and Limitations:

The study will focus on the effects

of bullying to the students, the
bull and the bully and the
respondent in the study will be
the Gr.11 student of CNAHS.
Researchers will be aided by
their adapted questionnaires.
Definition of terms:
 Mental Health- the level of psychological
well being.
 Bullying- an act of harming, intimidating or
coercing somebody.
 Psychological- related to mental and
emotional state of an individual.
 Harassment- aggressive pressure or
 Rampant- Flourishing or spreading.