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Best sound 9-. Best production design . Best photogrphy 8-. Best movie 2-.ROMA IS NOMINATED BY THE ACADEMY The movie by Mexican director Alfonzo Cuaron have 10 nominations to the Oscar in te following categories: 1-. Best actress 4-. Best supporting actress 5-. Best original gion 7-. Best Director 3-. Best foreing movie 6-.

this event alarmed to the authorities of the near cities. Guillermo Pacheco. said “ The security protocols is started by the administration” . The Puebla’s gobernator. ERUPTIVE COLUMN IS GENERATED BY THE POPOCATEPETL The nigth of the 22th of January the volcano “Popocatepetl” expelled a 4 km eruptive column.

where 66 people and 76 injured were killed. but said that the plan against the huachicol of Mexico . AGAINST THE HUCHICOL WILL CONTINUED AMLO AMLO announced that he regretted what happened due to the explosion of the pipeline of Pemex.