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SkeeterSat Report

Alexander Ledo

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
Spring 2018 LA ACES

February 21,2018 Spring 2018 LA ACES 1
What is a SkeeterSat?
 The SkeeterSat is a basic data collection system.
 The Goal of the LA ACES program is to build a balloon
payload to gather data and to teach valuable skills to
 Professor Bob Twiggs developed the CricketSat to be a low
cost way for students to experiment with data collection
and telemetry.
 The SkeeterSat evolved from the CricketSat. The
SkeeterSat lacks an onboard radio and adds a light sensor.
 Both use a speaker to output data.
 The two physical parameters that effect the audio tones on
the SkeeterSat are temperature, which changes the
frequency, and light intensity, which changes the interval
between the audio tones.

Figure 1: Balloon Sat Launch Vehicle Source: LAACES Intro Presentation I1.

February 21,2018 Spring 2018 LA ACES 2
SkeeterSat Circuit Diagram

Figure 2: SkeeterSat Circuit Diagram identifies the components used and how they are connected.
Source: LaACES skeetersat-Schematic.pdf
February 21,2018 Spring 2018 LA ACES 3
SkeeterSat Assembly
• The SkeeterSat Assembly and Operation Manual was used.
• Double checked each component before soldering.

February 21,2018 Spring 2018 LA ACES 4
Figure 3-7: SkeeterSat PCB Assembly from SkeeterSat Assembly Manual
SkeeterSat Thermistor

Figure 3: Shows the equipment used to calibrate the SkeeterSat

February 21,2018 Spring 2018 LA ACES 5
Skeeter Sat Calibration Results
Tempurature (Celcius)

y = 5E-05x2 - 0.0538x + 26.066
R² = 0.9967





900 1100 1300 1500 1700
February 21,2018 Spring 2018 LA ACES 6