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Group Discussion

Tools and techniques

1/31/2019 IT Skills orientation 1

2 years of life
Why its so

A simulation!

Group discussion
2 years of life

What do corporates look for

in a candidate?

Group discussion
Qualities Corporates look for
in a candidate.


in a Approach

language Confidence
2 years of life

A small exercise

Image memory
GD Time-line
How u can impress!
1st min Time mins

1st min 2nd min 7 mins 10th min

and improve Conclusion /
Opinion +
Start the GD, structure.
reasoning with summarize… revise
WSO rule.
examples + facts the points discussed
and state outcome.
1st min Time mins

1st min 2nd min 7 mins 10th min

• Start a GD. Step 1 is executed:

• WSO rule. Appreciate and
• Ask “W” improve structure.
Give opinion and Opinion on Conclusion /
• Answer all the With example. different summarize…
questions in points + revise the
your opening If not :
Say: As we are
reasoning points
• Structure the Going to be future with discussed and
GD. Others Managers, lets examples + state
should follow Debate in a way
to reach logical
facts. outcome.
the structure.
• End it with Conclusion…
opinion with
ex. execute step 1.
1st min Time mins

1st min 2nd min 7 mins 10th min

• Start a GD.
(w questions What, why, when etc ) : “Demonetization is a
• WSO rule. process of declaring currency. It is generally done with higher
• Ask “W”
values of currency. It is a powerful tool to curb the black
money in a economy. We are discussing it because recently
• Answer all the
Central govt of India has declared it and we have witnessed it.
questions in
your opening
(Structure): As future corporate professionals and in order to
have meaningful discussion, lets discuss the plus points and
• Structure the
negative points of demonetization for our country.
GD. Others
should follow
(Opinion with Example) : In my opinion (or I believe),
the structure.
demonetization has more plus points than negative, because it
• End it with
has solved the problem of stocked black money in our country.
opinion with
Over 3 lakh notices has been issued to people depositing such
black money
W questions: Structure.

Facts and figures.

Working template: write in points.

Topic 1
Start-up India, Stand up India, Make in India- Success or Failure

Start-up India Stand up India Make in India.

• A scheme by Modi govt • A scheme by Modi govt • A scheme by Modi Govt

to promote entrepreneurs to support entrepreneurship to promote manufacturing
• 10,000 crore startup among women and SC & ST in India.
funding pool. communities. • Chins is a manufacturing
• Mudra loans for startups. • bank loans of between hub of the world. India can
• For first 3 years ₹10 lakh and ₹1 crore. Challenge that position .
• No capital gains tax • Helps in setting up new • Meeting domestic
• No income tax enterprises outside of the demands is first target. Ex.
• Very less patent fees. farm sector. Mobile manufacturing has
• 9 incubation centers increased 60 times.
India • It covers 25 sectors.
• various investors ( Japan • ease of doing business.
bank ,$ 2 billion) are • “zero defect, zero effect”
funding India startups.
It’s a success because. It’s a failure because.

• Promotes industrial growth. • India is a country of agriculture.

• India worlds sixth largest • Agriculture is being neglected.
economy now. • Schemes are for rich.
• Adds into GDP. • Getting loans is not easy.
• Highest growth rate in the world. • Private banks don’t help in
• $ 2.26 trillion GDP. implementation.
• Increases employment. • via increased FDI, big foreign giants
• 12 crore beneficiaries of mudra come here and destroy local economy.
loan. • They carry huge profits to their own
• 6 lakh crores of capital is given. Nations.
• Attracts more FDI. For ex. Samsung: though they have started
• From $36 billion dollars in 2014 to Manufacturing in India, they sell lakhs of
around $60 billion in 2017. mobile phones in India and make huge
• Number 1 FDI destination in the money for south Korea.
world surpassing china.
Topic 2
Achievements and Failure of PM Modi Govt.
Make In


Swachha development
Bharat GST
agriculture Power generation and
reforms electrification of villages
Topic 2
Achievements and Failure of PM Modi Govt.

One nation one tax, April, 2018 its more than 1lakh crores.
GST More than 200 product categories became cheaper.
(sanitary napkins, paint, household electronic items)
number 2 in mobile manufacturing, 60 folds increase.
Make In India Till 2025, share of GDP from 16% to 25%, defense
equipment manufacturing in India, means more jobs

Infrastructure 28 kms per day constructions, almost triple the previous govt.
development Waterways , River joining project, smart city projects.

18000 villages electrified, 100% electrification

Power Sector 99k MW power output added, power 24*7 till
march 19 for all, no. 3 solar power in the world
Topic 2
Achievements and Failure of PM Modi Govt.
Big boost against black money, 3 lakh cases against black
money depositors.
25% increase in just one year in tax payers numbers, 41%
increase in income tax generation.
Worlds biggest behavior change program: “Val curtis”
director of the London School of Hygiene
Swachha Bharat 8cr toilets completed, Maharashtra is open
defection free state now.
Boost for entrepreneurs, 10 k crores funding pool
Startup India
Less fees for patents, no tax for 3 years.

Farmers to get higher MSP, 10cr soil health cards

Agriculture reforms Jalyukta Shivar, (water conservation scheme), crop
insurance, middlemen are removed from agri. Markets.
Topic 2
Achievements and Failure of PM Modi Govt.

Failed to curb social unrest, agitations like Bhīma koregaon, Patel agitations
social unrest Cast based Conflicts, lynching cases.

Friendly parties are Shivsena, biggest partner : to fight elections separately

moving away from BJP Nitish Kumar on the verge of leaving NDA again

Article 370, which grants special status to JnK

Article 370.
BJP’s election promise was to remove it.

Delay in bringing Farmers to get higher MSP, reform was brought in the
some reforms Last stage of the tenure. (ex. bankruptcy law)
Topic 3
E- Commerce: Is it a sustainable business model?

E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products on online services

or over the Internet.

online Website +
fund mobi sites +
transfer mobile app Electronic

(email, web
advertising, big Social
data, google media
Topic 3
E- Commerce: Is it a sustainable business model?
Yes. Reasons
• Enables Anywhere Buying.
• Mobile Is the New Normal. (mobile is 64% while desktop is 36%)
• Use of social media. (immensely beneficial for rapid increase of e-commerce.)
• Personalization and hyper segmentation is possible. (Use of big data for profiling)
• International Ecommerce Remains Largely Untapped. (lot of future scope.)
• Ecommerce Is Growing But Is Only 11.9% of Retail. ( traditional market to stay here)
• Cyber security threats.
• Fragmentation Is Ecommerce’s Biggest Challenge. ( so many options available while
buying. So many influencers online for purchase decision, websites, blogs, videos etc)
Topic 4
Brexit & Brics- Impact on global society
EU: The European Union is a political and economic union of 28 member states that are
located primarily in Europe. estimated population of over 510 million. ( for goods, capital,
services, and labor and mutual Financial responsibility)
Brexit: It is withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU).
Economy: briton didn’t wanted to take responsibility of failing economies like Greece
and italy.
Immigration: didn’t wanted to take responsibility of giving shelter to war refugees.

Impact on global economy

• Good for Briton while bad for others: Briton safeguarded its economy, will charge
import duties on companies in Uk, giving service to Europe.
• World becomes financially more unstable.
• Briton to suffer initially because: investment will dry up, pound will loose to euro.
• the investment will move towards US or japan.
• European central bank to increase the risk premium for all memebers.
Topic 4
Brexit & Brics- Impact on global society
BRICS: association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India,
China and South Africa. Represents the 3.1 billion people, 41% population of the world.
Bric bank is major initiative to boost infra. Projects in the BRICS countries. BRIC payment
System as alternative to “SWIFT”.

Impact on global economy

• Multipolar world . (in terms of economies)
• Dependence on the world bank will be reduced for BRICS
• US /western Dominance on the world will reduce as
CHINA/India gains more momentum through this.