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Introducing NxtGen

NxtGen provides it’s customers with a long-term elastic solution to their IT infrastructure needs, on-demand.
With the experience of serving complex and value driven markets. Intel Capital has invested in NxtGen – Intel &
NxtGen work together on cloud security, performance enhancements and energy efficiency in datacenters.

NxtGen creates value for customers by increasing efficiency of

infrastructure and operations delivering value over entire

 Pioneered improvements in cloud architecture to run 2x more

workloads on same infrastructure
 Reduced operational cost of datacenter by over 30%, driven by
power & building efficiency
 Engineered Server-out design for datacenter to host modern high
density system equipment, help customers host 5x
 Designed On-Premise Data Center reducing deployment timelines
from months to weeks and delivering operational cost savings up
to 30%

NxtGen provides compelling choices to the customer – On-premise, Hosted or a Combination, leading to a long
term solution for leveraging globally available resources on-demand as a service – Infinite Datacenter
Gartner endorses NxtGen’s vision

Gartner's 2014 Cool Vendors research series identifies the innovative companies, products and services that
will shape the future. This year Gartner has published 87 reports, profiling more than 385 Cool Vendors that
have the potential to exploit digitalization and radically alter competitive dynamics across many industries. By
definition, Cool Vendors are small companies offering a technology that is:

Innovative — it enables users to do things they couldn't do before.

Impactful — it has or will have a business impact.
Intriguing — it has caught Gartner's interest or curiosity during the past year or so.

“NxtGen is unique because it has a vision that is more realistic in the way the
market is likely to shape up in the midterm to long term and is working
toward that vision from the beginning. NxtGen's innovation in technology
allows its solutions to be priced competitively compared with all the major
cloud infrastructure providers in India.” Gartner.

Transform towards Building Infinite Data Center

Full range of datacenter services @ HDDC In a world’s first, NxtGen is

30MW facility in Bangalore, 20MW DC in Mumbai, deploying private cloud at
offering co-location, hosting, IaaS & Hybrid customer premises on public
computing Chennai cloud model
Colocation Ahmedabad

On-Premise Cloud
Hybrid HDDC, Bangalore Kolkatta


Hybrid HDDC, Mumbai Deploying virtual machine hosts at
customer premises, orchestrated
Smaller Cloud Deployments in 8 cities in India Pune
and managed by central instances
Leveraging OPDC, NxtGen is creating 2,000 initial virtual of System Center
machine capacity closer to customer. Surat
Our Presence
NxtGen’s DataCenter Footprint in India

Capacity (In
Sr. NxtGen Datacenter Rack Power Capacity Guaranteed
terms of Standard
No Locations (Per Rack) Uptime

Complied Tier III as per "Uptime

1 Bangalore (Bidadi) 2000 15 KVA Institute" 99.982%

Complied Tier III as per "Uptime

2 Bangalore (Whitefield) 24 8 KVA Institute" 99.982%
Mumbai (South
3 Mumbai) 229 8 KVA Certified Tier III by "Uptime Institute" 99.982%

4 Mumbai (Andheri) 750 6 KVA Certified Tier IV by "Uptime Institute" 99.999%

5 Ahmedabad 284 8 KVA Certified Tier III by "Uptime Institute" 99.982%

6 Faridabad 360 4 KVA Certified Tier III by "Uptime Institute" 99.982%

7 Jaipur 246 6 KVA Certified Tier III by "Uptime Institute" 99.982%

8 Ghaziabad 160 4 KVA Certified Tier III by "Uptime Institute" 99.982%

9 Ludhiana 195 4 KVA Certified Tier III by "Uptime Institute" 99.982%

HDDC Specification
High Density Data Center (HDDC™) Bidadi, Bangalore
Key highlights Location advantages
• Carrier neutral 2000 racks, Tier III (99.982% SLA) facility • 10 acres of land – future proofs expansion
Features • Attached office space for clients BC/DR • Close to large power sources
• Located in Bidadi, Bangalore – KPTCL receiving station at 200 meters, otherwise typically costs $250k+ per
km and lengthy regulatory approvals
• Total power capacity > 30MW • Away from DC Cluster of Bangalore – Whitefield
• Average per rack power capacity of 15KW • Situated away from flood hazard area, no incidents of flooding in last 100 years
• Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) < 1.5 • Located away from major traffic arteries, airports, inland waterways
• Green initiative: Leed Gold

Customer value proposition

“At 15KW/rack customers can deploy more than 5 times the IT
equipment compared to the standard Datacenter offering”

HDDCTM Highlights

NxtGen’s HDDCTM, Bangalore is a 30MW datacenter campus, designed server-out

with specific focus on energy efficiency for hosting new-age IT infrastructure.
• NxtGen acquired 10 acres of land in Bidadi, • The DC would be LEED Gold certified, will be one
Bangalore, Industrial area promoted for hi-tech of the most energy efficient datacenters in the
industries by KIADB, Govt of Karnataka. region.
• The proposed datacenter campus has adequate • The datacenter designed to be a Tier 3 facility.
power sources with a power receiving station • Over 2000 rack facility offering power densities
within 200 mtrs from the campus and a 4000MW of average 15KW per rack.
gas-based power generation coming up within 5 • First module comprising of 526 racks is expected
kms radius. to go live by Aug 2015 with up to 4.5MVA of
• The 1+1 structure is built 22mtrs over road level, power.
allowing greater security and zero possibility of • Datacenter facility is fully isolated from
flooding. operations. Separate operations block housing
• Geo-technical, electro-magnetic and pollution operations and customer seating areas.
surveys, substantiate location choice.
HDDC Salient Features


• Redundancies built in for all critical • High Density Data Center (HDDCTM) • Efficient dehumidification cycle – • 5 levels of security zones. X Ray
components located at Bidadi, Bangalore can through Variable Air Flow baggage scanners, Motion sensor.
• Utility feeds to the Datacenter on accommodate 15KW per rack. • Evaporator Fan with Backward curve • Numeric locks for racks for additional
diverse paths offer a fail safe option • Offers three times more capacity – PVC fans are lighter & more security. Service alleys with separate
to power within the same rack as compared to entrance, Man Traps and Biometric
• Utility power backed up by 100% traditional data centers. control to prevent unauthorized entry
• Combination of EC Fans & Copeland
equivalent capacity on DG set • Offers 15% more KW per square • 24 x 7 day/night CCTV camera
compressor makes the PAC unit
• N+2 configuration,25% additional meter compared to industry average surveillance, Motion detection,
capacity of PAC units, provisioned to highly efficient
delivered through Adaptive cooling Tampering, Audio detection, Face
ensure high availability • Pressure sensors at plenum and cold
flow. detection, Video analytics, Alarm
• Dual redundant meet me rooms. aisle containment
• Cold Aisle Containment with pressure input, Network disconnection
Multiple fiber paths into the facility, • Copper tubes with rifled bore,
sensors to ensure ideal operating • High availability – failover recording
carrier neutral Datacenter louvered aluminum fins – V shaped
environment for IT equipment servers: redundancy option for
• Near DR facility within Bangalore to Evaporator coils offering 50% to 60%
support all critical functions • 750mm Raised floor providing recording servers to ensure maximum
abundant cooling capacity increase in internal surface area over
system uptime while minimizing
plain tube
video interruption in the event of
• LED lighting minimizes power
system problems
NxtGen HDDC- Bangalore Facility
NxtGen HDDC- Bangalore Facility
Key highlights - Datacenter, Chandivali Mumbai

• Carrier neutral 200 racks, Tier IV (99.999% SLA) facility

• Attached office space for clients BC/DR
Features • Located in Boomerang –Chandivali (Mumbai)
• Location lies in no flood zone, 16m above sea, 1m above road level
• Green initiative: Leed certified

• 22 KV, 3 Phase Power, 8 MW with dedicated power supply from Tata Power
• Two (2) radial feeds from each receiving station, in all 4 redundant feeds
Power capable to carry full load
• Each receiving station is supplied from a different generating station
• Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) < 1.85
Key Differentiators
Power to the Racks: High power density is available which can support up to 10/12 KVA rated power per rack, providing our
customers scalability to support their long-term growth. RPPs monitor power for each rack is to avoid over load, no extra
power meters required.

Generators & Fuel Tanks: Four (4) 2250 kW Diesel Generators in a fully redundant configuration. The Generators are
continuous run type and capable of running 24x7x365. They start in less than 10 seconds and immediately take the full
power load of the Data Centre. This is unique within India. The critical fuel management system includes 2 x 24KL double
walled bulk fuel tanks sized to provide 60 hours of operation at Full Load with redundant pumps and fuel routes.

Automatic Fuel Management: The unique aspect of fuel management system is our fuel polisher that rotates and polishes
fuel in the main supply tanks once every week. The fuel polisher is extremely critical in Mumbai due to the reliability of
power grid, fuel can remain unused for months. Our fuel polisher removes impurities and deposits that occur over time when
the fuel is lying unused. This ensures 100% clean fuel when needed to run our generators. No Other Indian Data Centre has
this capability.

Quick Restart Chillers: This feature starts the chilled water circulation pumps within 10 seconds and the compressors within
30 seconds of any utility power interruption. Chillers deployed by other DCs take up to 3 min to startup, which can cause
overheating in DC in certain situations. No Other Indian Data Centre has this capability. These chillers are 30% more efficient
than any other chiller.

Redundancy at all Levels: Redundant Chillers, Switchboards, UPS’s, Transformers, Generators, Piping, Fuel Tanks etc. ensuring
no single point of failure. The Static transfer Switch (STS) is redundantly deployed at the output of the UPS. Each customer
rack is powered by two different STS. This is unique in India, other Indian DC operators provide STS at rack level, which can
be a single point of failure
Key highlights -Datacenter, South Mumbai

• Carrier neutral datacenter of 229 racks, 12,000 Sq.ft

• Tier III (99.982% SLA) facility
Features • Located in South Mumbai
• ISO 27001 certified & SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 Standards compliant

• Dual power feeds / UPS sources to each rack

• 8 KVA per rack
Power • Voltage220V / single-phase, 50Hz
• UPS/Generator - 2N + 1 design
• Temp / Humidity As per ASHRAE standards
NxtGen Technology Pte Ltd.
4 Battery Road, #25-01
Bank of China Building
Singapore (049908)

NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

#72-73, EPIP Industrial Area,
Whitefield, Bangalore 560066

NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Newbridge Business Center, Boomerang, # B3, Andheri ( E ),
Mumbai – 400069

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