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Arc Welding Equipment

Arc Welding
 Arc welding
– uses electricity to heat and
melt the metal.
 Shielded metal arc
– Where fusion is produced by
heating with an arc between
electrode and the work
 An electrode is a bare
metal rod which is usually
coated with chemical
compounds called flux.
– The flux forms a blanket of
smoke and gas that shields
the weld puddle from the
Welding equipment
 Two cables, No. 2
gauge, are required.
The electrode holder
 Ground Clamp
 Chipping Hammer\Wire
 Pliers
 Safety Glasses\Welding
 Gloves
 Convey electric
current from the
welding machine into
a hot arc.
 Covered in flux
– When heated flux
turns to a gas shield
that protects the weld
from oxygen
– Flux mixes with the
metal and floats to the
top as slag
Classifying Electrodes
 Ex E7014  The next to last digit
 E = electrode is used indicates welding
for electric welding. position for which the
 The first two digits of a electrode is
four indicate tensile recommended.
strength in thousands  The last digit indicates
psi. the operating
– EX: E7014 electrode characteristics of the
produces a weld with electrode
70,000 psi of tensile
– If the number has 5
digits the 1st 3 are for
tensile Strength