Reading:Reading is an active skill-based process of constructing meaning or gaining knowledge from oral, visual and written text.

Importance of reading:- .

etc.TYPES OF READING EXTENSIVE READING: Reading for pleasure with emphasis on general understanding. Necessary for contracts. SCANNING: Locating specific information in a text Usually used in timetables. . legal documentation. charts. INTENSIVE READING: Reading carefully for an exact understanding of text. SKIMMING: Quickly looking through text to get an idea of what the text concerns.

Importance of reading:Builds Fluency: There is substantial evidence that unless students can accurately and effortlessly deal with the wordidentification demands of reading. Increases Vocabulary : Independent reading leads to increased vocabulary development. Builds Background: Independent reading builds background knowledge. By reading widely. students are exposed to diverse topics and information which they can then use in future reading . difficulties will result in comprehension and overall reading achievement.

Confusion between letters and the sounds they represent.Reading difficulties: My eyes float over the pages .  I reach the bottom of the page and realize that I haven¶t a clue about what I have just read. . Slow oral reading rate (reading word-byword) Reading without expression.

.How to overcome these difficulties:Planning and managing:planning and implementation are the two major factors of success in all most every field of life.

Planning:Think 3q¶s before Reading What am I going to read? Deciding what to read? Why are you reading? ± Reading in depth ± Reading in glance .

Over all picture of subject. Identifying Author¶s main idea. 9 . Follow complex argument. Memorized details. Looking for an Author assumption.READING IN DEPTH Finding particular information.

Technique for reading:SQ3R (P Robinson 1946):- .

what sort of information you are looking for? ± How Good and up to date is this information ± How is document structured? .Survey:± Do you want to read this.

How does this author¶s views related to the last article I read Is this a fact or author¶s opinion? What are the topics that are new to me? How does this information related to my program of study? .Question:Make a list of question prior to reading.

RECALL:´ What have you learned and remembered from what you read ³ stage when your mind is full of information´ REVIEW:´ It avoid miss understanding & confusion. .READ:It helps now to find the answers of the questions you want.

Tick the sentence that is irrelevant.Technique 2:Testing the arguments Place a sign on a logical statement or argument. . Mark ´e´ on the examples.

Technique 3:-(Patrick Dunleavy Technique) GETTING THE LITERATURE Confirm that the statement comes from stated aims. . Read the passage in depth & other relevant topic.

INCREASE YOUR READING SPEED THE PHENOMENAL POWER OF HUMAN MIND Aoccdring to a rscheearch at cmabrigde Uinervstisy.but the word as a wlohe .the only iprmoetnt thing is that the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae.This is bcusease the human mind does not raed ervey lteter by istelf.it deosn¶t mttaer in what oredr the ltteers in a word are . .the rest can be a total mses and you can still raed it wouthit porbelm.´ Absoutely amzaning««..

.  Willingness To Try New Techniques.Three important factors  Desire To Improve.Enhance reading speed .  The Motivation To Practise.

18 . You will be reaping the rewards of your efforts in no time.BENIFIT OF SPEED READING You can consume more information is shorter time through speed reading.


20 .Thank You«..

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