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IB Learner Profile

What does caring mean?

To pay attention to others need or concern.

To use any possible way to support others.
To offer help without anticipating anything in return.
To help someone and never remind him of your
To try to be kind, thankful, understanding, sharing,
respectful and thoughtful.
How can you be caring?

You listen to others and respect their point of view even

if you don’t agree to it.
You deal with others as you wish they treat you.
You protect animals and the environment around you.
You start giving without comparing yourself to others.
You work honestly as you have been watched all the
How caring person can change
people around him/her?

 When he/she helps someone express himself/herself

and feel better.
 Supportothers to discover their abilities and work
more efficiently.
 Try to cover others’ need beside your needs.
 Inspire
others to move forward and forget the
obstacles they have.
 Always start by yourself.
Signs of a caring character

Clean up everywhere.
Wait for his turn.
Talk for the younger or the less ability.
Change the tune of his/ her tune according to
the need of the others.
Share what he/she has regardless of its
Types of caring in class

Listen to others when they ask, answer or request.

Do not shout the answer load when you know the
Support others to learn and get the knowledge not
just transfer the answer.
Accept the consequences even if you do not like it as
part of fairness.
Use the school materials wisely.
If you caring person

You gain the respect of others in return.

You will find a replacement for every missing object.
You will be positive and productive in your work and
never blame others.
You will do your best every time regardless of the
You will take care of your health and others’ health.