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Orientation for New Comer

iJobs Labour Supplies Co., Ltd

1. History of iJobs Labour Supplies Co., Ltd
2. Our services
3. Our offices
4. Our team
5. Our culture
6. Our future
7. Contact information
History of iJobs Labour Supplies Co., Ltd
In creasing of both domestic and foreign investment in Laos, high
demand of labor recruiting especially the Mega Projects, Special
Economic Zones and General investment. The labor market in
Laos is not well known by foreign investors.

At the same time the jobseekers lack of skills to apply the job, it’s
the difficulties for both. While the labor supply companies focusing
on the labor exporting to neighbor countries iJobs has been
started as a section of EXIM Co., Ltd in 2010 and registered as
iJobs Labour Supplies Co., Ltd in 2013
Our services
1. Labour Supply Services
- Sourcing & Supplies Services
- Outsourcing Labour Services

2. Visa & Permits for Expatriates Services

- Providing the service for applying Import Quota
- Processing for Foreign Labour Import Permit
- Processing for obtaining WP/ID/Visa

3. Training Services
- In-house Training Services
- Public Training
Our offices
Head office
Phontong Chammany Village, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital

Saiyabouly Office

Hongsa Office

Muong Ngeun Office

Organization Chart
Our team
Our culture
The share value of iJobs are:
- Integrity
- Sincerity
- Progressim
- Social Contribution
Our future
To be the first leading of labor supplies company in Lao PDR