HONDA get started in 1930 s Established as company on 24 Sept. 1948 Its main head quarter is in Tokyo, Japan SOICHIRO HONDA, the founder TAKEO FUKUI, the CEO.

In 1959 HONDA motorcycles 1st dealership in USA In 1964 HONDA enters into the F-1 race In 1981 HONDA produces the 1st HONDA CITY CAR In 1987 the 1st ever Air Bag system was introduced In 1989 VTEC engine was introduced

HONDA is 5th largest automobile company in the world 2nd in Japan behind Toyota

Honda Headquarter in Tokyo Japan

Started its working on 17th April 1993 Official inauguration by President Farooq Ahmed Khan Laghari . Japan and Atlas Group Of Companies.Honda Atlas Motors Pakistan A joint venture between HONDA Motor Company Ltd.

Slogan HONDA official slogan is THE POWER OF DREAMS HONDA has never used its slogan to sell its products but it was Mr. HONDA belief that well built products sell themselves .

. We see the world not as it is. and we are a company built on dreams. We see the world through the eyes of dreamers. Because we are a company founded by a dreamer. The strength of our company comes from this philosophy which is based on the visionary principles of the founder. but as it could be.MISSION STATEMENT We see The Power of Dream as a way of thinking that guides us and pushes us forward.

4 P`S of HONDA Co. Ltd. .

. Water pumps in wide range of colors with unique technological and other features.Product Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited is offering different models of Honda Cars. Generators. Bikes.


CR-V (Compact Recreational Vehicle) .










Motorcycles HONDA CG125 HONDA CG125 HONDA CD100 HONDA CD100 HONDA CD 70 .

120V EU2000iA Camo 2000 watts. 120V EU6500iSA 6500 watts. 120/240V .Generators EU1000iA 1000 watts.

Price of Cars HONDA ACCORD HONDA CR-V = Rs. 18 Lac/= Rs. 42 Lac/- HONDA CIVIC (AUTOMATIC) = Rs. 12 Lac/- . 19 Lac/HONDA CIVIC (MANUAL) HONDA CITY = Rs. 46 Lac/= Rs.

Price of Motorcycles CG 125 CD 100 CD 70 = Rs.000/= Rs.000/= Rs. 45. 70. 75.000/- .

Placement in Pakistan .

TV Sponsoring sports events Customer Service Environment friendly automobiles . Ads.Promotion HONDA promotes its products through. Billboards.


Honda Cars Segmentation Honda has segmented its market in a way that its ACCORD and CR-V is for elite class HONDA CIVIC for upper middle class HONDA CITY for only middle class .

upper middle class. . Ltd. In general always has targeted upper Class groups.TARGET MARKET Honda North in Particular & Honda Motors Co. and middle class & ve been very successful in maintaining its target market & providing with the products of their needs.

Market Positioning HONDA has maintained a distinctive image Strong brand name Unique style and design Comfort Safety Logo .

About Competitors The main competitors of HONDA are Toyota mainly stresses on increasing the sales volume and brand name image. Suzuki stresses on the prices and its competes with dreams so there is a war of sales and prices. .


BCG Matrix .


experienced and qualified staff .STRENTHS Brand name image Efficient performance Quality ISO Certification Smoother drive as compared to competitors High loyal. committed and motivated employees Hardworking.

Cont Bonuses and reward system for employees Technology Stay close to customers Understand their needs Exceed their expectations .

Weaknesses HONDA in Pakistan has a lower sales value than Suzuki and Toyota Its distribution centers are less People of lower class are unwilling to buy it because of its image as high status car .

Its faces a long road in gaining trust and making ways to remove the image that Honda s are unreliable cars .Cont Honda s are expensive to buy and maintain then its counterpart rivals.

Opportunities Growing motorcycle market estimated bikes 500. as problems are already cropping up in new entrants models .000 in 2005/2006 Customers realizing quality matters.000 by the end of 2007 compared to 300.

Cont Initiatives and proposals in process for coping with increase demand of bikes Never segments introduced with entry of new models.design.which ve huge potential for growth Karachi. a segment which has tremendous potential for growth and profitability .

Threats Crucial economic conditions of Pakistan can lead to the decreased sales WTO (World Trade Order) opening local markets for global competition Competitors launching newer models with with stress on reduced price for our price sensitive economy providing threat in future .

Cont The biggest threat for HONDA is TOYOTA HONDA rivalry is becoming more intense by BMW and CHEVROLET which are opening up Industries .

Made by Global Honda Remain committed to producing close to the customer Make efficient use of global resources    Increase variety of products Improve production efficiency Increase cost competitiveness .

Complementary Supply System in Asia Integrating new factories into the network Reallocating models to be produced in each factory .

Expanding to meet ASEAN demand New Honda City launched in Asia Just increased production capacity by 20% to 120.000 units in Thailand this month .

5L passenger cars Production capacity starting from 50.000 units Production to start during CY04 .China to be Export Base Now establishing new auto subsidiary : Exclusive for export to European and Asian countries To produce 1.0 1.

Major Strategies for Business Growth Continued expansion of North American light truck sale Continued growth of motorcycle business in Asia New model launches in Japanese automobile business Integration of China & other Asian countries into global networking strategy .

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