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2nd Group
• ANDRIANI AGUSTIN (6130014002)
• BAHTIAR NAWABIG (6130014007)
• RAHMANIAH ULFAH (6130014027)
• MAYA AYU ELFRIDA (6130014032)
• LAILA AL ISTIGHFARA (6130014037)
Ms. Ani unusa medical student 19 years old come to
practice dermatologist with the complaint raised bumps - small
bumps on the cheek from one month ago. The doctor then
explained that if the fluid covering the hair follicle sebum Ani,
which is referred to as acne. After knowing this, Ani tried to find
out about the skin histology and adneksanya. He found that the
skin consists of stratified squamous keratinizing epithellium,
and has holokrin gland.
Difficult Words
• Keratinizing Stratified Squamous Epithelia
As the epithelial cells migrate from the basal layer to apical
layer, they accumulate large quantities of the protein keratin.

• Holocrine glands
Glands that secrete whole cells that have completely broken
down for elimination from the body.

• Sebum
A complex lipid mixture that is synthesized in sebaceous
glands and excreted on the skin surface.

• The skin histology and adnexal

• Acne
1. How does the skin histology and adnexal?
2. How etiology of acne?
3. What is the clinical manifestation of acne?
4. How does the pathophysiology of acne?
5. How is the management of acne?
6. What does Islam related skin hygiene?
Learning Objective
1. Understand and explain the histology of the skin.

2. Understand and explain the histology of skin adnexal.

3. Understand and explain Kreatinizing Stratified Squamous


4. Understand and explain the pathophysiology of acne.

5. Understand and explain their views of Islam regarding

cleanliness of the skin.
Skin Histology
The skin is the largest organ of the body
consisting of a layer of cells on the surface
called the epidermis, and a layer of deeper
connective tissue , known as the dermis.
Microscopic skin consists of three layers,
epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat
• The epidermis consists of five layers of keratin-
producing cells (keratinocytes) are stratum
basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum,
stratum lucidum, the stratum corneum
• The dermis consists of two layers with no real
limits, stratum papilare on the outside and
stratum retikuler on the inside.
• Hypodermis is loose connective tissue that binds
skin loosely in the underneath of organs, which
allows the skin to shift on it. Then it contains fat
Histological Skin Adnexal

Adnexal skin is another component that supports the function of the

ski) n itsself. Skin adnexal include :
Sweat glands (sudorifera glands )
 Fat glands ( sebaceous glands )
 Hair and hair follicles
 Nail
 Sweat glands (sudorifera glands )
Is an exocrine nature gland and merokrin ( eccrine )
simple tubular shaped or curled . Consisting of two
parts, namely : Pars secretoris or secretoris unit &
pars ekscretoris or ekscreoris unit.
 Fat glands ( sebaceous glands )
holokrin , consisting of alveolar simple , forked . Basal
cells sit flat on the basement membrane . Getting
into the cells the greater and the more fat droplets
that eventually cell death ( core piknotis ,
karyohexis , karyolisis ) Spending secret aided by
the muscular arrector pili
 Hair and hair follicles
Consists of the hair shaft that is free outside of the
skin and hair roots are embedded in the skin and
covered by hair follicles . Hair has three layers from
the inside out , namely : Medulla, Kortex, Kutikula.
 Nail
Consisting of three parts, namely :
• roots , buried deep under the skin
• The agency, which is attached to the skin
• The free part , which is not attached to the skin


Erector Pili Hair Follicle


Hair Follicle
Eccrine Glands Pilar Muscle
The function of the skin
The skin has the function of assortment to suit the
environment .
The main function of the skin are:
1. Protection
2. Absorption
3. Excretion
4. Perception
5. Regulation of body temperature (thermoregulation )
6. The formation of pigment ,
7. Kreatinisasi
8. Formation / synthesis of vitamin D.
there are four things that are closely related to
the pathophysiology of acne vulgaris, which is:
1) Increased sebum production
• 2) Blockage of keratin in pilosebasea channel
• 3) Abnormalities of microorganisms in the
channel pilosebasea
• 4.) inflammatory process

Also the word when it tells the Prophet Ayyub AS request to be healed

Meaning: And (remember) Ayyub, when he called on his Lord, "Oh Rabb,
in fact I've overwritten the disease and you are the Most Merciful of all
merciful." So We even allow his appeal, then we eliminate the disease that
belongs to him, and We restored his family to him, and we fold their
numbers doubled, as a mercy from Us, and to serve as a warning to all
who worship God. [Al-Anbiya: 83.84]
• Prophet. commanded us to wash their hands, feet, face,
mouth, and head while performing ablution. One silver
lining of our ablutions "watering" and "feed" good bacteria
to grow and develop. Just as plants need watering, the
bacteria also need water as a medium in order to sustain
• Purification is one method of maintaining the stability of
the particular moisture. If the skin is often dry would be
very dangerous for the health of the skin particularly easily
infected with the bacteria. By purification means the
process of rejuvenation and washing the skin, mucous
membranes, and also holes in the body associated with the
outside world (the pores of the skin, mouth, nose, ears).
• This means:

• "Narrated Sa'd bin Abi Waqas from his father, from the Prophet. : Surely Allah's holy love things that are
holy, He is Net like cleanliness, He majesty who likes glory, He is Most Beautiful who love the beauty,
because it was clean the places where you "(HR. Tirmidhi)"

• Ablution is a sophisticated mechanism which Allah. set on the faithful to maintain the cleanliness of the
skin. If there is unclean or dirt on the skin, prayers were held could be canceled. That is why Allah and
His Messenger commanded us to ablutions before the prayers.
Ablution is a sophisticated mechanism which
Allah. set on the faithful to maintain the
cleanliness of the skin. If there is unclean or
dirt on the skin, prayers were held could be
canceled. That is why Allah and His Messenger
commanded us to ablutions before the