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Geostrategic significance of Pakistan

Presented By;

Wasim Raza
Ashad Ishaq
Fasih ul rehman
Hamayoon khan
Qamber Shakeel
What is geostrategic
Geo means the Earth and strategy means planning,
tactics and policy.

The term "geo-strategy" was first used by Frederick L.

Schuman in his 1942 article "Let Us Learn Our

It was a translation of the German term

"Wehrgeopolitik" as used by German geostrategist
Karl Haushofer.
Geostrategic significance
of Pakistan

Geostrategic significance means the

importance of a country with respect
to it’s geographical location .
Strategical reasons of a place

Chock point on major see routes.

Warm water.
Ashad Ishaq
Pakistan geographically

Location of Pakistan lies between 24

& 36.75 northern latitude & between
61 & 75.5 eastern latitude .
Countries share
boarders with
Western boarder

Pakistan share it’s western boarder

with Afghanistan.

The length of share boarder with

Afghanistan is about 2538 km.
Eastern boarder

Pakistan share it’s eastern boarder

with India.

The length of share boarder with India

is about 1600 km.
Fasih ul Rehman
Northern boarder

Pakistan share it’s northern boarder

with chine.

The length of share boarder with

China is about 585 km.

In south Pakistan has Arabian sea.

Importance of Arabian sea

Most of trade between East and West

is done through Indian ocean and
Arabian sea is the linked with Muslims
countries of Persian gulf and gulf
countries are rich in oil.
Hamayoon Khan
Pakistan sea ports

Gwadar port.

Bin Qasin .
Proximity of great powers:

 Russia and China are busy to give check to US Power in this

region and in other regions like Middle East, Africa, North
America, Europe and Far East ASIA
 US interests in this Region
 1. Security
 Policy of Pak –Americana in order to restraint world
dynamics from Uni-polarity to multi-polarity
 US interest in the region to contain the growing china,
nuclear Iran, terrorist Afghanistan
 2. Business
 To benefit from the market of India and Central Asia
Significance as a Transit economy:
Pakistan has the potential to develop transit economy on
account is its strategic location, land locked Afghanistan now
at the phase of reconstruction finds its ways through
Pakistan. China with its fastest economy growth rate of 9% us
developing southern provinces because its own part is 4500
km away from Sinkiang but Gwader is 2500 km away.
Moreover, Pakistan offers central Asian regions the shortest
route of 2600 km as compared to Iran 4500 km or turkey 5000
km. gwader port with its deep waters attracts the trade ships
of china, CAR and south east Asian countries., also the coastal
belt of Balochistan can provide outlet to china’s western
provinces to have access to middles eastern markets with the
development of coastal highways and motorways.
Gateway to central Asia (Oil
and energy game)
Central Asia is the center stage of new Great games. Western
quest for resources- oil and energy resources in the central Asia.
After USSR decline, new quest started which is as manifested by
politics of oil. Pakistan is located very close to the oil rich
Middle Eastern countries. The belt started from Iran and
extended to Saudi Arabia. Thus, Pakistan can influence
shipment of oil. Iran is struggling to export its surplus gas and
oil to eastern countries, Qatar, Pakistan and Turkmenistan
pipeline projects highlight the position.
In the energy scarce world, Pakistan is located in the hub of
energy rich countries i-e Iran and Afghanistan: both are energy
abundant while India and china are lacking. China finds way to
Indian Ocean and Arabian sea through Karakoram highway
Important link in the chain of Muslims
If we look at the map of Muslim countries, Pakistan
occupies a central location. Towards west of Iran, china
extends to North Africa. Thus it can actively
participate in the activities of Muslim world-economic
development, transport of resources and above all
combat terrorism.
Qamber Shakeel
Only Muslim country with nuclear

in the region Pakistan is the only Muslim country

having nuclear capability which has great influence on
the political, socio-economic activities in the region
and the maintenance of status quo in the region.
Gwadar port making Balochistan
strategically valuable
Gwadar is an important district of Balochistan, having
600 Kilometers long border. Until 1958, it had been a
part of the State of Oman. On December 1958,Pakistan
bought it with an amount of 550 million Rupees. It was
suggested as a suitable sight for port in 1964 and thus
in 2002, the construction of the port was initiated with
the help of China.
How and Why Gwadar id making
Pakistan strategically Important?
Rickodek is a hillock of gold
Rickodek, the part of Chagi (Tehsil of Balochistan), means “Hillock of
Gold". Pakistan and International media has highlighted a new
discussion on „Rickodek‟. It is the world's The largest deposit of gold
and copper. It has dawned that the mountains of Balochistan are
filled up with much costly reservoirs of mineral. Nevertheless, it has
also been proved that the gold and copper reserves of about $260
billion are buried under the Rickodek. But it is unfortunate enough
on the part of Pakistan that in this developed age; Pakistan is
dependent upon foreign companies for their exploring, mining,
surveying and refining. The borders of Iran and Afghanistan are also
not so far from here. The decision of the Supreme Court about
Rickodek has exposed that “under and around this hillock of
gold, there exists 10 billion kilo gram copper and 370 million gram
gold”. In order to attain this wealth, the international powers are
being exposed under their agendas.
Pakistan is very important country in the world with respect to
its geographic location. Its importance is enhanced as a gateway
to among countries in the various regions. Pakistan's geo-
strategic importance can be best understood in the regional and
global perspective. Pakistan is a junction of south Asia, west
Asia and central Asia; a way from resource efficient countries to
resource deficient countries. The world is facing energy crises
and terrorism. Pakistan is a route for transportation and a front
line state against terrorism. Moreover Pakistan has been
traditionally ally of emerging economic giant; china. So in the
vague of any change in world politics, Pakistan's geo-strategic
significance would further be enhanced.