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SITGO Project


- having a car futures means having cars breakdowns

sometimes when you can't reach one and this is how
we came up with this idea!
the ability to have a station everywhere

- Summary of the project idea

- Main purpose of the project

Project definition:
Project scope :

(SITGO ) is a mobile maintenance that serves all cars problems , it is

in general (workshop that goes to your car)
Project definition :
Scope checklist :
Project objective As a result of market requirements and customer needs to
serve the car problems that occur in the street suddenly
gasoline problem ,lights problem and mechanical problem
.We decided to set up a project to serve car problems. The
project should be completed within two years at a cost
not to exceed 2.5million SAR

Deliverables 1. Providing ppd

gasoline .
2. change the lights .
3. Oil change .
4. Providing car tires .
5. Providing mechanical service .

Milestones 1. Project plan by January 1 .

2. Project design May 1 .
3. Project control and monitoring by August 1 .
4. Testing complete by September 1of the same year and
finish and implement by January 1 of the next year.
Project definition :
Scope checklist :

Technical The project (SITGO) requires a site to ensure

requirements proper performance, speed of solving
customer car problem and provide time and
effort to serve the client quickly .

Limits and 1-The project will be design to the specifications

exclusions and the original blueprints provided by top
managers .
2-project cost not to exceed $1,5million.
3-The cost of the project site does not exceed
100,000 .
4-work from Saturday to Thursday at 8:00 am -
5:00 pm.
5-Training of mechanical personnel annually .
6- site maintenance and repair will only every
three months .
7- 5% discount for new customers .
Project definition :
Scope checklist :
Reviews with 1-The results of the first question
customer indicate that there was 85.7%
people who had problems with
their cars.
2- The results of the second
question indicate that there were
85.5 people who need mobile
maintenance. This is a very high
ratio to the great importance of
the project.
3-The results of the third question
shows that a large number of
people have a problem with
4-The results of the fourthly
question indicate that a large
number of people they need
someone to repair their car.
Project definition:


WBS for
Automobile repair
shop System

Planning Development Final Preparation Release

ppd Change
Solution vision Cost analysis System Testing Activate

Designing and
Risk assessment Operations Stress Testing Closing Analysis

Other Tasks Technology Beta Testing Release Prep

Project definition :
Estimating time :
Phases Time estimate Description
1-start the project . Beginning in January Phase 1 must be
(Project objective) and ending in completed before
June(2018)(6Months) phase 2
2-organization and Beginning in July and When phase 1 is
Preparation. ending in completed , staff begin
Deliverables October(2018)(4Month work on phase 2
3-implemnt the project Beginning in When phase 2 is
Work. November and ending completed , staff begin
Milestones& Technical in work on phase 3
requirements march(2019)(4Months)

4-project closing Beginning in April and When phase 3 is

ending in july (2019) completed , staff 2
(4Months) begin work on phase 4
Project definition:
Estimating cost :

The amount we will need at the beginning of the project : 1

million SAR users 100,000 SAR reserves .

Project plan:
AON Diagram for SITGO Project

Activity Description Predecessor Time (Month)

A Studies - 2
B Approvals and licenses A 2
C Processing and design A 4
D Processing and control B, C 4
E Testing D 6
F Solving Testing Issues E 2
G Full Operating E, F 4

B 2 E
2 4 6
A D 4
G End
2 C 4 4 F 2
Project management:

1- Risk identifications .

2- Risk evaluations .

3-Risk hierarchy control .

Project resources:

The recourses management Each organization needs a section or

departments to manage resources, that is, to provide the resources
needed by the organization in the right size and in a timely manner. This
applies to the provision of financial resources, warehouse stocks, working
human resources, means of production and information.
Project resources:
Types of resources :

Types of resources we use in project

-Human Resources
-Data Resources
-Intangible Resources
-Tangible Resources
-Material Resources
-Equipment Resources
Project closure:

The Project Audit Project Audit Appendix:

Process: Reports:

Initiating and Classification Closure Check List


Data Collection Analysis Survey

and Analysis