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y Going green means to start doing things little

by little to help the environment , or just switch to only buying things that are eco- friendly and recycling. simple tasks such as recycling a can. Even can help.

Why Going Green?
y As the world is facing problems with global y


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warming and problem of climate change There is pressure from the developed countries on the developing countries to reduce their carbon footprint The world has a fixed amount of natural resources - some of which are already depleted Massive population growth To become sustainable in production

Why Going Green? continued
y Green policies can reduce costs y Green firms can shape future regulations y Competitive pressure

y A clean energy economy generates jobs,

businesses and investments y Expanding clean energy production will increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste and pollution, and conserving water and other natural resources

The clean energy economy comprises five categories:
y Clean Energy y Energy Efficiency y Environmentally Friendly Production y Conservation and Pollution Mitigation y Training and Support

Renewable for Sustainable Power (RSP)
y RSP is a small, but fast-growing subset of the

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gigantic global energy industry, which is currently experiencing an economic revolution. renewable electricity solar wind energy reforestation

Ways to green
y Wind

Windmill farms are sprouting up around the world. Australia, Europe and the United States are all investing in wind as a leading source of renewable energy y Water One of the most important natural resources we have is water as it is a necessity in our survival. China's massive Three Gorges Dam project. While this $25 billion structure on the Yangtze River will be the largest hydroelectric power station in the world

y Solar Energy

Solar energy is powering homes, buildings and a variety of other items from lights to radios. As the cost of fossil fuels continues to rise and their availability continues to decline, the future looks bright for solar energy.

y Two of the leading producers of solar panels are

Evergreen Solar and Sun power Corp. which develop, manufacture and sell panels and components and will directly benefit from the increased adoption of solar power.

y Fuel Cells

- technology to develop an alternative method of powering automobiles. y Pollution Controls -Reduction is the key term here. y Waste Reduction -The stuff that was formerly thrown away and trucked off to the landfill is now turned into useful products

y McDonald's replaced its clam shell packaging

with waxed paper because of increased consumer concern relating to polystyrene production and Ozone depletion. y Tuna manufacturers modified their fishing techniques because of the increased concern over driftnet fishing, and the resulting death of dolphins. y Xerox introduced a "high quality" recycled photocopier paper in an attempt to satisfy the demands of firms for less environmentally harmful products.

Green marketing
y Green marketing, also alternatively known as

environmental marketing and sustainable marketing, refers to an organizations efforts at designing, promoting, pricing and distributing products that will not harm the environment

y Green wood: A Stanford team has done a

research for wood alternate. Hemp fibers and biodegradable plastic when pressed together and heated form layers and this material is as strong as wood. When buried in land fill, it degrades faster

y Green Cement: Bruce Constants at Calera,

based in Los Gatos, has developed a green method to produce both cement and aggregate, another component of Concrete

Green Companies

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