Felipe Padilla de Leon

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Who is Felipe Padilla de Leon?  Composer. scholar and nationalist  Famous for nationalistic ideals for Filipino music  Also famous for translating the Philippine National Anthem from Spanish to Tagalog . conductor.

1912 Birth Place: Peñaranda. Tagumpay.Felipe Padilla de Leon Basics ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Birthdate: May 1. Marilag. . Nueva Ecija Father: Juan de Leon Mother: Natalia Padilla Children: Bayani. Luningning. and Felipe Jr.

Scholastica¶s College. Cosmopolitan College. CEU. Laperal Music Academy ‡ School Director: La Union College of Manila ‡ Dean: Institute of Music (Araneta University) .Educational Background ‡ Elementary & High School: Nueva Ecija High School ‡ College: UP Conservatory of Music & Julliard School of Music. New York ‡ Professor: St.

As Composer  Known for Filipinizing western music forms  Some compositions are the following: ‡ Mariang Makiling Overture (1939) ‡ Roca Encantada (1950) ‡ Maynila Overture (1976) ‡ Noli Me Tangere ± Opera (1957) ‡ El Filibusterismo ± Opera (1970) ‡ Ako¶y Pilipino ‡ Ama Namin .

‡ Chairman of the Kilusang Kayumanggi sa Ikasusulong ng Kultura (Brown Movement for Cultural Advancement) and ‡ Musical Director of Kasarinlan Philippine Music Ensemble. National Research Council of the Philippines. .Affiliates ‡ Chairman of the NCCA¶s Committee on Intangible Heritage and Vice-President of the International Music Council (UNESCO) ‡ Chairman of the Division of Humanities.

Affiliates (cont¶d) ‡ President of Filipino Society of Composers. Authors and Publishers (FILSCAP) and Pambansang Samahan ng mga Bandas ng Pilipinas (PASAMBAP) ‡ A Columnist of the Manila Times .

‡ Made him become distinct in his music .As Nationalist ‡ His daily struggle for living sensitized him to the heart of the Filipino folk. and provided him with a singular opportunity for observing and appreciating the intimate rituals of folk life. particularly in his tradition-rich hometown of Peñaranda.

1971 ‡ Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan Award from Lungsod Maynila. 1961 ‡ Rizal Pro Patria Award. 1949 from Manila Music Lovers Society ‡ Musician of the Year. 1971 . 1961 ‡ Republic Cultural Heritage Award.Achievements ‡ Composer of the Year. 1958 from UP Co servatory of Music ‡ Presidential Medal of Merit.

1975 mula sa Cultural Center of the Philippines and Philippine Government Cultural Association ‡ Doctor of philosophy in the humanities.Achievements (cont¶d) ‡ First Cultural Achievement Award. 1997 . 1991 mula sa UP ‡ Pambansang Alagad ng Sining.

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