1. Introduction 2. Skateboarding i. History ii. Art iii. Issues 3. Questions and Goals 4. Issues 5. Site 6. Precedents 7. Design 8. Moving Forward


What is the role of public space?

1. A site for contestation and protest 2. A site for gathering and meeting 3. A site to be seen and to act out one·s identity

1. Can we plan/design spaces for alternative communities? 2. Does planning/designing these spaces for them defeat their power and appeal? 1. Is it possible to redefine skateboarding as a creative endeavor rather than a criminal one? 2. Can we bring a sense of theatre and play into the city as a whole?

1. Reactivate moribund public spaces throughout Boston via skateboarding 2. Increase the scope of the ¶public· included in the notion of ¶public space· 3. Chronicle and document the culture and art of skateboarding in Boston 4. Provide space for alternate uses of a public space without disrupting or interfering with its other users and uses 5. Utilize design, laws and planning to push for temporary spaces

Pro-Skateboarding Arguments: 1. There are no spaces in the city for this popular activity, unlike many facilities for sports like baseball & basketball 2. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that is the 6th most popular sport in the world, 3rd with those ages 12-18 3. The physical damages are overstated, particularly when compared with the effect of automobiles and buses 4. There are few spaces for teenagers to gather safely that don·t require money


Anti-Skateboarding Arguments:

1. Vandalism ² destruction of public property like benches, stairs and railings 2. Interferes with the use of public spaces for non-skateboarders 3. Deters tourists, shoppers and residents from using the space, and subsequently surrounding facilities and stores 4. Safety of skateboarders and those who come into contact with them


"Kids don't see the world in the same way that adults do. They see a beautiful marble ledge as being a great thing to jump off.

-Fran Richards former publisher, Transworld Skateboard magazine

-Much more than just a sport or art form - Diverse group of young people come together and enact a world every day in urban spaces -These skate spots are the spaces where teenagers come together to interact with each other and with strangers

Love Park setting in the best-selling video game, Tony Hawk s Pro Skater

International icon and destination for young travelers

The infamous Love Gap

VIDEO Excerpt from Philadelphia Love Park: The Story of a Skate Landmark

´Build a park in which to skate. Don·t build a skatepark.µ

- Rob Dyrdek, professional skateboarder

Burnside Skatepark - the first Portland skate site and model for all future developments

Ed Benedict Skate Plaza, most recent skatepark to open in Portland (2009)

Portland Mayor s Chief of Staff Tom Miller skateboard advocate,former

skateboarder and major force behind the network of skatepark s the city has built


- Design Help - Designing/Building an object for this skate space: either a temporary skate-only object or one that could serve both skaters and other park users -More feedback and dialogue with Boston skaters - Suggestions

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