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Partners shall render on demand

true and full information of all things
affecting the partnership to an partner
or the legal representative of any
deceased partner or any of partner
under legal disability. (n)
 The reason for the DUTY TO RENDER INFORMATION are mutual trust and
confidence requires that there no CONCEALMENT AMONG PARTNERS. Hence,
there is a duty to render factual and full information of all things affecting
the partnership.
 The information must be used only for the partnership purpose. This is the
 May there be a duty to render information only when there is demand?
 No. It does not mean that there may not be an obligation to render
voluntary disclosure of material facts affecting or relating to the
partnership affairs.
 Where the information already appears in the partnership books because it is
open to inspection there be no duty to render information.
 Carl, Jacob and Pretty are in a partnership wherein Carl sent to
inspect their partnership property. Carl realizes that the property has
an extra wood and does not disclose the information to Jacob and
Pretty. He also lies and says that the property is completely useless
for their business and offers to buy Jacob and Pretty’s interests in the
partnership. When Carl is the only one holding the business, he
develops the gains substantial profits from the woods. Jacob and
Pretty later on learn about the information Carl kept hidden from
them and demand that they be given their shares in the woods profit.
 After having sold their interests in the partnership they will be
allowed to share in the profits because the information regarding
wood was present when they sold their share to Carl, just that was a
hidden from them.