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Standard Guru

Malaysia (SGM)
Standard 2: Knowledge
Teachers need to have a strong and accurate knowledge and understanding
towards the following elements:

• S2.1 Philosophy, aim and objective of education which are the thrusts in teaching
and learning

• S2.2 Philosophy, aim and objective of school curriculum, learning outcomes and
the teaching and learning needs of the subject taught

• S2.3 The content of the subject taught

• S2.4 The content of the knowledge education

• S2.5 TMK, media and education resource in implementing curriculum and co-
• S2.6 Strategy to build a conducive learning environment

• S2.7 Assessment and research to improve teaching and learning

• S2.8 The pupils’ potential and develop them holistically

S2.3 The content of the subject
• Core business: helping students improve their understanding and
understanding in the subjects they learn
• teachers should master the subject matter that covers the aspects of
knowledge, skills and values in line with curriculum requirements to enable
teachers to teach effectively
• should take into account : the content of subjects and learning objectives when
planning and arranging the T&L
• in the curriculum, teachers should know and understand the basic aspects of
basic skills, personnel, coaching and management
• plan, manage and train students in sports, clubs, and associations as well as
uniformed units
1) Know and understand the use of the syllabus for T&L
2) should master the subject matter
3) know and understand the “strategi penyerapan dan
penggabungjalinan unsur” from other subjects in the subjects
4) Know the latest development of the subject taught
5) Able to relate the subject taught to daily life
S2.4 The content of the knowledge
• education science covers the areas of pedagogy, psychology, sociology,
guidance and counseling and education in malaysia
• The mastery of this knowledge and understanding becomes the pillar of
the teachers’ professional development
• Teaching methodology…pupils’potential
• Assessment strategy to measure pupils’ learning progress..remedial?
• sociology of education: teacher able to know the pupils’background ,
environment … to create a conducive classroom
• Social and cultural difference
• Enable teachers to understand the history of educational
development, the formation of FPK, FPG, and their implications on
the role of teachers in schools, relationship with the community
• Abe to understand the characteristics of teaching as a profession, the
challenge of teaching profession and the role of professional teachers
• Knowing the knowledge of counseling enable teachers to understand
the role of counseling in pupils development, planning and
implementing various programs to develop pupils’ potential
• Curriculum: enhancee teacher understanding towards the pupils’
development and help them to recognize their interests and talents
S2.5 TMK, media and education resource in implementing
curriculum and co-curriculum

• TMK is an important component of today's education.

• Teachers should know and follow the latest TMK developments
(dynamic) and apply them in T & L.
• This knowledge can help teachers perform tasks more effectively