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Group 17

Lazerna, Lemuel
Orcine, Eb
Peralta, Jewel
Researchable Questions

What is the potential in vivo antibacterial activity of an isolated

mangiferin obtained from the leaves of Indian Mango?

Population Isolated mangiferin from the leaves of Indian Mango

Intervention Antimicrobial activity tests (in vivo)

Control Tetracycline

Outcome Measure the potential antibacterial activity

(Mangifera indica)

From the family Anacardiaceae, a Mango production in the Philippines

grew an average annual rate of 1.9% . PH also placed ninth on the top 10
mango exporter countries which exports 24, 076 tonnes.
REGION ISLAND Production (tonnes)
Ilocos Region Luzon 271, 091
Zamboanga Mindanao 109,534
Central Visayas Visayas 75, 054
CALABARZON Luzon 59,474

Mango fruit exist in different native names in the Philippines: Indian

mango, Carabao mango, Apple mango, Guimaras Mango, Pahutan Mango,
etc. It is a common dessert and is used as a herbal medicine as a anti-
According to Romanik et. al. (2007) extraction is considered as the first basic stage in
medicinal plant research which will be the starting point for separation and purification of
chemical constituents.

Plant parts are subjected to deffating by petroleum ether and extraction by soxhlet apparatus with
Bhuvaneswari (2013) used the leaves, the concentrated mass were resuspended in ethanol
then partitioned with dichloromethane 4 times. The aqueous-alcoholic phase was treated with
H2 SO4 then partitioned with ethyl acetate for 3 times, dried, and dissolved in ethanol and
cooled overnight. Precipitate is filtered, dissolved in ethanol and cooled overnight.
Biswas et. al. (2015) used the flowering buds, the dried extract was absorbed on silica gel and
chromatographed over silica gel column packed in petroleum ether. The column was eluted
with chloroform : acetone : formic acid (8: 1.5 : 0.5), which gave yellow amorphous powder.
Salomon et. al. (2014) used the leaves in Microwave Assisted Extraction (MAE). Under
ranges of the variables such as time, power, and solvent of the microwave apparatus
mangiferin can be extracted. 10g of leaves powder was put into extraction vessel and was
refluxed with 200mL of water. And then filtered and subjected to identification tests.
Studies concerning antimicrobial property of Mangifera indica usually involves the extract of
leaves, fruit, and seed. Anti-microbial assays of those studies includes: disc diffusion method,
paper disk diffusion and agar well diffusion method.


Sarabia et. al (2011) – Antibacterial Activity of Mangifera Indica (Carabao Mango) Fruit and Seed Extract

PLANT PART S. aureus P. Aeruginosa

(vancomycin) (gentamicin)

SEED Unripe Very Active Active

Ripe Very Active Very Active

FRUIT Unripe Active Active

Ripe Inactive Inactive

De & Pal (2014) – Effects of aqueous young leaves extract of Mangifera indica on Gm (-) microorganisms
causing gastro-intestinal disorders
Zone of inhibition (mm)
Microorganism Ciprofloxacin 500 1000 mcg/disc 2000 mcg/disc 3000
(20mcg/disc) mcg/disc mcg/disc

E. coli 33.2 9.3 10 11.3 13.7

S. typhi NTCC 74 31.2 8.3 10.2 10.3 11.7

S. Typhi 62 28.3 9.7 11 11.3 12

V. Cholera 25.7 9 9.8 10.1 10.5
S. sonnei 26.8 7.15 7.8 9.3 9.8

Biswas (2015) concluded that the solution of the isolated mangiferin from the flowering buds was found to
exert promising antibacterial activity against gram-positive (Staphylococcus aureus) and gram-negative
(Salmonella typhi) . The study found a very promising and readily available source for treating infections
caused by bacteria.
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