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Sindi Fatika
Fauzia Rahmah
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Rina Rosainy
What is Physical Violence occurs when someone uses
a part of their body or an object to control a person’s

Physical Violence or Physical Abuse happens

when a person uses physical force against another
A person can experience many different types of physical
violence. Physical violence includes:

Push/punch kicking slapping

Using weapons Trying to choke Forced feeding

Physical Destroying
restrain property
Causes A number of causes of physical violence
against children have been identified, the most
common of which, according to Mash and Wolfe,
• Many violence and neglectful parents have had
little exposure to positive parental models and
• there is often a greater degree of stress in the family
• information-processing disturbances may cause
maltreating parents to misperceive or mislabel their
child's behavior, which leads to inappropriate
• there is often a lack of awareness or understanding
of developmentally appropriate expectations.
• Initial effects of child physical abuse. Immediate
pain, suffering and medical problems in some cases

The effect of
death caused by physical injury. Emotional
problems such as anger, hostility, fear, anxiety,

Physical humiliation, lowered self-esteem and inability to

express feelings.

How to handle person with Physical Violence
Encourage her/him Help her make a
Set up time to talk to talk to someone safety plan
who can help

Try to make sure Offer to help her find You might say you
you have privacy and a local domestic are willing to just
won’t be distracted violence agency. listen, to help her
or interrupted. Visit Offer to go with her with child care, or to
your loved one in to the agency, the provide
person if possible. police, or court. transportation, for
How to handle person with Physical Violence
Let her know that
Be supportive you will always be Offer specific help
there no matter what

Listen to your loved one.

Keep in mind that it may It can be very frustrating to You might say you
be very hard for her to see a friend or loved one are willing to just
talk about the abuse. stay in an abusive listen, to help her
Tell her that she is not relationship. But if you end
with child care, or to
alone and that people your relationship, she has
want to help. If she one less safe place to go in provide
wants help, ask her what the future. You cannot force transportation, for
a person to leave a
you can do. relationship, but you can let
them know you’ll help,
whatever they decide to do.