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Name of members :

1. Miftakhul Lindha Yusnaini (150331607201)

2. Pristy Nandya P (120331420930)
Pasif Voice
 Typical data collected by boyle
 The final volume involved multiplying the initial volume by
a ratio of pressure
 Gaseous molecules are separated by distance
Active Voice

1. We study the relationship among pressure, temperature

and amount
2. Chemistry is the study of the composition, properties,
and transformations of matter
3. We can further improve the measuring device and
obtain more significant figures
Question Tag
 1. She can get the first position, can’t she ?
Alasan : dala pernytaan mengenai kata kerja bantu (aux verb) yaitu
“can”, maka kata kerja tersebut harus di ulang dala pertanyaan (tag)
dalam bentuk berlawanan
 2. The diamond looks bright, doesn’t it ?
Alasan : kalimat pernyataan menggunakan verb saja tanpa aux verb,
maka kalimat pertanyaan tag menggunakan do, does atau ddi dalam
bentuk sebaliknya
 3. I am not a teacher, am I ?
Alasan : menggunakan has karena awal kalimat diawali kata “each”
oleh sebab itu kata kerja yang mengikuti harus berbentuk singular
verb yang dianggap sebagai kata benda tunggal

 1. Each of participants has received an invitation

 2. the general chemistry is our source to study
 3. She together with her friends has finished the games