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World AIDS Day 2008

Stop AIDS; Keep the Promise Leadership 2008

What happened with AIDS
Over the past 25 years, nearly 25 million people have died from AIDS.1 HIV/AIDS causes debilitating illness and premature death in people during their prime years of life and has devastated families and communities. Further, HIV/AIDS has complicated efforts to fight poverty, improve health, and promote development by:

About the Day 1st December
World AIDS Day is observed every year on December 1st. The World Health Organization established World AIDS Day in 1988. World AIDS Day provides governments, national AIDS programs, faith organizations, community organizations, and individuals with an opportunity to raise awareness and focus attention on the global AIDS epidemic.
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AIDS is …..
Caused by fascinating HIV Virus, difficult to understand the complex Mechanisms,Scientic communities are puzzled for newer solutions.

AIDS is ….
AIDS is spread in a friendly way. AIDS continues to be an Important sexually transmitted Infection. Safe sex is the A,B,C,D of Prevention
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AIDS is ….
AIDS is dangerous to life Any person infected will continue to harbor the HIV virus. Modern drugs can prolong life But not eliminate the cause of Death
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Facts on AIDS
In 2007, the estimated number of persons living with HIV worldwide was 33.2 million and there were 2.1 million AIDS deaths.

AIDS spreads Globally
Since the description of HIV infection in 1981, AIDS has become a world wide epidemic expanding in scope and magnitudes as HIV infections have affected different populations and Geographic regions. Millions are infected, Once infected remains infected for life If not effectively treated within a Decade, majority of HIV infected individuals develop fatal opportunistic infections as a result of HIV induced deficiencies in Immune system.
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Global Presence of AIDS

AIDS –An Important public health Programme
AIDS continues to be a most important world wide public health problem at the start of 21st Century. The Joint United Nations programme on HIV / AIDS estimates that by the end of 2005 a total of 35 million people world wide were living with HIV/AIDS The Majority having been infected by hetero sexual contact.
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Why AIDS Continues to be Important
The Sub Saharan Africa has the highest number of HIV infections In certain high prevalence areas in Africa cities as many as one in three adults was infected with the Virus At present there is high spread in Southern and South Eastern Asia India, China, and Russia

AIDS reduces useful years of Life
The present contest the AIDS struck the young adults and workers in their prime years of life. AID’s epidemic is having devastating effects on social and economic structure in some countries
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AIDS pandemic created Orphans

WHO Estimates
WHO estimates that 4 million new HIV infections occur every year. 90 % infection occurring in Developing countries AIDS is over whelming Heterosexually transmitted disease and there will be equal number of Male and Female cases

Why Rapid Spread of AIDS

Massive migration of rural inhabitants to urban centers International movements of infected individuals Consequence of civil disturbances, tourism, sex trade, Business travel.
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Health Education On AIDS
AID’s needs a health education as a primary option there are no Vaccines, limited access to treatment, The objec tives rema ins w ith pr event ion, A succe ssful heal th educat ion h as th e key role in be havio ral c hange s

World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day is held every December 1 On this day, communities around the world honor and commemorate those lost to AIDS and those who continue to live with the effects of HIV/AIDS. World AIDS Day is also used to mark the achievements made, and the work still to be done, in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Recent AIDS Day Themes
2001 I care. Do you? 2002Stigma and Discrimination 2003Stigma and Discrimination 2004Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS 2005Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise 2006Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Accountability 2007Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise Leadership

AIDS Day 2007 and 2008
Leadership" has been chosen by the World AIDS Campaign as the theme for World AIDS Day 2007 and 2008. This theme will continue to be promoted with the slogan "Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise."—the World AIDS Campaign (WAC) emphasis from 2005-2010.

Why Leader ship - Slogan
Leadership encourages leaders at all levels to stop AIDS. Building on the 2006 theme of accountability, leadership highlights the discrepancy between the commitments that have been made to halt the spread of AIDS, and actions taken to follow them through.
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What we did in 2007 Do Repeat in 2008
In 2007, people around the world were encouraged to take the lead to stop AIDS. Campaigns took the shape of marches, leadership discussions, public awareness events and pledges from leaders. These events all helped to put leadership in the spotlight.
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Why 2008 Important landmark
2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Since 1988, the face and response to AIDS has greatly changed. While many of these changes are positive, this anniversary offers us an opportunity to highlight how much more still needs to be done.
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Our Aim for AIDS Day
Helping to generate media coverage for AIDS and World AIDS Day. Providing organizations who have limited resources access to meaningful campaigning materials. Enhancing solidarity within the global response to AIDS through working through an united effort. Galvanizing action both nationally and internationally in a way that other smaller scale efforts can not by representing a world AIDS campaigning message.
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Leaders to Keep Promises
The overall purpose of the World AIDS Campaign from 2005 to 2010 is to ensure that leaders and decision makers deliver on their promises on AIDS, including the provision of Universal Access to Treatment, Care, Support and Prevention services by 2010. Within that five-year mission, annual campaigning themes are selected which are timely, relevant and adaptable to a number of different regions and issues.
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Silence on AIDS related issues is Dangerous to self and Society

Generate awareness and spread the Useful Information for AIDS Day a gateway to all Federal domestic information on HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, treatment, research, policies and resources. the official website of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. national HIV testing resources. Enter your zip code to find an HIV testing site near you! brochures and information about international events.

Best actions we can take
There are many ways you can take action in the fight against HIV/AIDS: get tested for HIV practice safe methods to prevent HIV decide not to engage in high risk behaviors talk about HIV prevention with family, friends, and colleagues provide support to people living with HIV/AIDS get involved with or host an event for World AIDS Day in your community
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Promote and Encourage awareness among Women
WORLD is a diverse community of women living with HIV/AIDS and their supporters working together to: Provide support and information to women with HIV/AIDS and their friends, family & loved ones. Educate and inspire women with HIV/AIDS to advocate for themselves, one another and their communities Promote public awareness of women's HIV/AIDS issues and a compassionate response for all people with HIV/AIDS
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Promote AID’s awareness with RED Ribbon Campaign

Tell every one about RED Ribbon and AIDS

Your Leader ship will Make Difference

Humanity is One for Cause of AIDS

Creat ed for Un iv ersa l aw ar eness on AI DS
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