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Computing and IT in the Workplace


Introduction and Overview

Prerequisite for this module

There are no prerequisites

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Aims of this Module

• Provide an introduction to the study of Computing and IT

at the Workplace
• Meet the prerequisite requirements at Level 2 of study
• Introduce and begin to develop lifelong learning skills of
independent learning in relation to Computers and IT at
the Workplace
• Introduce the knowledge, skills, techniques relevant to
the study of Computers and IT at the Workplace
• Develop ability to:
 Manage own study time
 Learn & Research new concepts
 Be aware of the needs of others
 Teamworking

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Learning Outcome
At the end of this module, YOU should be able to:
• Demonstrate knowledge and basic understanding of the use of the facts,
concepts, principles and theories relating to Computing and IT in society
• Demonstrate basic understanding of the main methods of enquiry and their
use in the domain of computing to provide both qualitative and quantitative
• Demonstrate skills required to evaluate and interpret relevant facts, concepts,
principles and theories relating to computing and IT in the workplace and use
them to evaluate the different pieces of information relating to case studies
and for a specific problem, determine the most appropriate solution.
• Demonstrate ability to communicate ideas and solutions with rational,
reasoned arguments using appropriate methods (e.g. Orally, electronically,
written reports and to develop those communication skills required for
successful group working.
• Demonstrate ability to reflect on issues (professional moral, ethical and legal
issues) involved in the exploitation of IT and computing in society.

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Topics we will cover
1. Introduction
2. Internet and World Wide Web
3. Computer Applications in Society
4. Human Aspects in Computing
5. Ethical and Legal Issues Part 1
6. Ethical and Legal Issues Part 2
7. Enterprise Computing
8. Security Issues
9. Cloud Computing
10. Green Computing
11. Real Time Systems
12. Artificial Intelligence
13. Computer Careers
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What is expected of you

Student participation in class

• Group Discussions
• Presentations
• Quiz and Quick tests
• Research

Advice on Study Strategies & Skills

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What support is available for you
• Consultation hours
• Email
• Resources
 Reference materials
1. Discovering Computers 2011: A Gateway to Information, Shelly
CashmanVermaat, 2010, Thomson Course Technology, USA, ISBN:

2. Computer Organization and Architecture: Computer and Data

Communications, William Stallings. Prentice Hall, 2012 (9th Edition),
ISBN-13: 978-0132936330

3. Sustainable ICTs and Management Systems for Green Computing,

Wen-Chen Hu & Naima Kaabouch, 2012, Information Science
Reference, USA, ISBN: 978-1-4666-1839-8

 Internet resources
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How you will be assessed
Assessment components (SAIS)

1. Assignment: 50%
• Handout Date : Week 2
• Hand in Date : Week 12

2. Exam: 50 %

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Question and Answer Session


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What we will cover next

Internet and the World Wide Web

Online Shopping

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