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Elizabeth M. Brown
What is the purpose of Remind?

 Easy way to communicate

 The messages will go to any kind of phone so it is very
 Created for education (personal information stays secure)
 Helps you stay connected
 Builds relationships
The Core Values of Remind

 “Be teacher-obsessed”
-Partnering with teachers and working hard
 “Find a way”
-Focus on the impact you can make on the lives of others
 “Create simplicity for others”
-Make it easy and useful
Who could use Remind?

 Teachers
 Students (have to be at least 13 or older)
 Parents
 Coaches or Club Leaders
 Anyone!
How can I use Remind?

 You can use Remind for sending out reminders about

upcoming events or assignments
 You could even send pictures or attachments
 You could send links
 Any information (But be aware of who you are
sending information too)
Fun Facts:
 Remind is used by over 11 million teachers, students, and
 80% of public schools in the US use Remind
 Remind is partnered with some of the leading companies in
Why should I use Remind when I become
a teacher one day?

 Let’sface it we all forget things and need a

reminder! This app is a great way to do that!
Examples of specific ways to use Remind
 Prek-5th grade:
-You need your students to finish their math boxes that they did at
school and then use that to complete their math homework sheet. So,
you use remind to let their parents/guardians know to tell their
children to remember to complete their math homework.
 6th-8th grade:
-You want to do an interactive assignment with your students, so you
ask them to pull their cell phones out. You then use remind to send out
a poll for them to answer. The whole class then analyzes the results.
 9th-12th grade:
-You are the leader of the Key Club and you need all of your members
to sign up to help with the service project. You can send out a remind
for all of the member to please meet immediately after school in your
classroom to sign up for a time.
Examples of specific ways to use Remind
 College:
-You even could use Remind in college to remind
students to complete their history quiz before Friday at
 Coordinate with other Teachers:
-You could use Remind for the teachers in your grade
level or subject area. This way you could send everyone
the Compare and Contrast assignment that the students
need to complete.
Examples continued…
 You need to remind your first graders to bring their field trip forms
back with a parents signature, so you can send out a Remind to
their parents/guardians.
 Green Team is meeting next week and you need to send out a
reminder to all of the members to remember to attend the
mandatory meeting.
 You need your 7th grade students to remember to bring a rough draft
of their paper for Unit 1 about recycling. So, you can send out a
remind to your students so they won’t forget!
There are so many ways that you can incorporate
Remind in the classroom, in after school activities, etc.
How to sign up for Remind on your iPhone…

Go to the app store and Set up your account by either I signed in with google so I am You would then select your role.
signing up with google or (I am selecting teacher)
download the Remind app. now going to select my account.
entering an email/phone number
How to sign up for Remind…

Create your class. (Notice you If you would like to receive Enter the name of your The app will bring you to
can only message students 13 notifications then press allow. (I
would recommend allowing this)
school or you can skip this. this screen.
and older)

Enter this number:

Text this message:
How to sign up for Remind (Student’s Perspective)…
Sending a message to Students…

Student receives the The teacher receives the

Teacher sends message.
message and then responds. message.
Now let’s do a specific situation where
you could use Remind
 We are a 10th grade classroom
(This means every student should be older than 13).
 Subject: Biology
 Topic: Are all living things composed of cells?
 We just wrapped the lesson up and did group projects discussing
whether or not all living things are composed of cells. I now need to
see if you truly understand, so I am going to send out a remind and
you are going to respond with true or false. (This is a fun way for
the students to interact as well as allow the teacher to see if the
students understand the question of this lesson.)

All of the information in this PowerPoint

came from or
directly from the Remind App. The
pictures on the slides came from