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AREAS TO BE COVERED  The purpose of education?  The role of the learner?  The role of the teacher?  The curriculum .

its nature and properties are being affected by being known.WHAT IS REALISM?  Realism is one of the oldest philosophies in western culture and its origin began with the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 B. .  Realism is the doctrine that objective reality of the material universe exists independently of the conscious mind.E.) in ancient Greece.C.


 Knowledge is derived from experience.  Universe is operated by the laws of nature. we live in.  Everything that exists is matter or energy or matter in motion.  The material world has an independent existence and it does not depend upon a knowing mind. .FEATURES OF REALISM  Nature of Reality: Real is the world.  Truth can be discovered with the help of scientific methods.

It exists independently of being known to perceived by. Reality is already in existence and in the invention of man.FEATURES OF REALISM CONT·D  External world is a solid Reality. whether known or unknown to man. or related to mind. . One should dip below the surface to know the reality. Man can only comprehend it. through senses.

They discount its creating ability. ´Just as any object of universe can be ¶true· or ¶false· similarly mind is also ¶true· or ¶false·. .FEATURES OF REALISM CONT·D  Realism places great premium on Man and human endeavor. That is the Realists wish man to be a man of affairs. which it says. should be combined with science and common-sense. practical and always seeker of deeper and deeper truth and reality  The realist say that ¶Mind· like any other material thing has mechanical functioning.

(Compare with idealist·s standpoint.  In brief.FEATURES OF REALISM CONT·D  The realists of all brands aver that values are permanent and objective and say that although institutions and practices very a great deal. The children should be taught those values. which have proved enduring throughout history. They should be taught the nature of ¶right· and ¶wrong· and what is objectively good and beautiful. he only discovers . It believes that whatever is real is independent. Whatever is. Its presence of existence does not depend upon the knower. is and exists. ) The individual doesn·t make reality. the fundamental values of society should not change. Realism believes in the usefulness of the world and the material existence in its field of action .





THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER  The role of a teacher is to convey knowledge from themselves unto others.  He must have full mastery of the knowledge of present life.  He must guide the student through most realities of life. .  He must neither be biased nor pessimistic. A teacher should be such that he himself is educated and well versed with the customs of belief and rights and duties of people. and the trends of all ages and places.

try to merge them.THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER CONT·D  It is important for a teacher to be able to motivate their students. make the students interact with each other through group activities. .  A teacher should also try to make a class friendlier. This can be done by trying to make them feel comfortable in the environment in which they are learning.

 Do they learn better on their own or in groups?  Do they rather noise or quiet?  Are they the type to work better at home or in the classroom or library? .  The teacher should try to expose students more to the world and should also take into account the characteristics of the learners.THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER CONT·D  The teacher should communicate ideas effectively. try to find a common ground on which they can use teaching methods in a suitable way in which the students would be able to understand more efficiently and clearly.

. A teacher must also be able is to review information effectively to be able to assess their learners outcomes and abilities.THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER CONT·D  These are all characteristics of learning students and a good teaching role is to be able to use these to a teacher·s advantage.

 One subject should be taught at a time The teacher should not overload their students mind with more than on subject at a time. . This means that a teacher should revise the main points of topics done in previous classes.THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER CONT·D A teacher should always keep in mind that:  Re-capitulation is necessary in making knowledge permanent.

 The simple rules should be defined The teacher should make instructions and information on topics clear so that the student can understand them to the best of their ability. .THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER CONT·D  No pressure or coercion is brought upon the child. The teacher should try to ensure the students can manage the work given.



Trees sticks and stones exist whether or not there is a human mind to receive them .CONCLUSION  Realism emerged as a reaction against idealism (reality is somehow dependent upon the mind) Realism accepts the existence of real things which can be comprehended. Reality. knowledge and values exist independent of the human mind.



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