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• Haskins, Sells and the Dockery Commission

• Deloitte, Touche and the development of
modern accounting (1898)
• The new era of the income tax (1900 – 1930)
• After the crash: Audits and regulations(1930 –
• Postwar growth(1950 – 1970)
• A new style of management(1970 – 1990)
• Competing for the future(1990 – 2000)
Deloitte subsidiaries rank among the nation’s
leading professional services firms in audit,
advisory, tax, and consulting services across more
than 20 industries. Known as an employer of
choice for innovative human resources programs,
Deloitte is dedicated to helping clients and people
excel. Deloitte LLP is the US member firm of
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.
Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Integrity is the first of Deloitte’s four shared values. Our shared

values are not an abstract ethical philosophy, but a powerful, living
compass intended to guide us all toward the right decisions and the
correct actions, whatever situations we may encounter, whenever and
wherever we are.
An ethical mindset supports values-based decision-making
when serving clients and during the course of our daily lives. We pride
ourselves in focusing on doing not only what is good for business, but
what is good for our people, and the communities in which we live and
Our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is inspired by
the Global Principles of Business Conduct that articulate the standards
to which we as Deloitte professionals, must hold ourselves, wherever in
the world we live and work. Our Code includes and then expands on
these principles by adding requirements that are unique to us in the
United States.
Deloitte Founders
– William Welch Deloitte,
– George A. Touche,
– Charles Haskins
– Elijah Watt Sells
Qualification of Employees
• UCAS points – All grades need to have been
achieved on first sitting.
• A Levels – top three grades sat in the same
year and first sitting over two years (excluding
General Studies).
• Scottish Highers – Five Highers from your 5th
year at school. (If you only sat four, we’ll
consider your circumstances and may include
your best grade from your 6th year).
Minimum qualifications
Usually, you should have, or be on track for:
• GCSEs Maths grade 6 and English grade 4 to
apply for all programmes
• Plus 104 UCAS points for BrightStart and
Graduate Programmes
• Plus a 2:1 degree for Graduate Programmes.
Group 4
Coquilla, Joan E.
Dagasdas, Marnie Grace C.
Ortiz, Nicco L.
Plando, Neorowen
Sajorga, Roelyn R.

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