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Outline Introduction What is the Executive Summary? Content of the Executive Summary Length of the Executive Summary When to Write the Executive Summary .

Faced with a large pile of funding requests. . and it may be the only part that some individuals will read.Introduction The executive summary may be the most important part of your business plan. It is the first part everyone will read. venture capitalists have been known to separate business plans into "worth considering" and "discard" piles based on nothing more than reading the executive summary.

after reading the executive summary. If. the executive summary has done its job. the investor or manager understands what the business is about and he/she is eager to know more. Its purpose is to explain the fundamentals of the business in a way that both informs and excites the reader.What is the Executive Summary? The executive summary is a synopsis of the key points of the entire e-business plan. .

but an accurate summary will provide the reader with a succinct explanation of the entire plan. .What is the Executive Summary? As a miniature version of the e-business plan. Due to space limitations some sections may get missed. the summary usually contains a key point or two from most sections of the plan.

 . An experienced investor or businessperson will recognize hype.  provide a sense of balance and realism. and this will undermine the plan's credibility.What is the Executive Summary? An Executive Summary is NOT: just a brief description of the business and its products. don¶t just copy sentences and paragraphs from the plan a cut-and-paste exercise. hype.

the content of the executive summary must be written with the intended reader in mind. Similarly. If the plan is being written for an investor. avoid terminology and concepts which may be unfamiliar to the reader. .Content of the Executive Summary In addition to summarizing the business idea and business plan. then important content about financial requirements must be included.

One effective way to begin the executive summary is with an interesting and compelling statement that grabs the reader's attention. and the plan itself.Content of the Executive Summary The best executive summary. . shows an understanding of what issues and questions are important to the reader and addresses them in a straightforward and comprehensive manner.

Then try to highlight a key point from each section of the plan    the primary target market from the market analysis section.Content of the Executive Summary Alternatively. the return on investment from the financial statements. the traditional way to begin the executive summary is with a statement of the firm's purpose (perhaps by integrating the firm's mission statement) and a few sentences about the product or service the business will provide. . the principal source of competitive advantage from the competitor analysis.

 For example. don't leave the banker to sort through the plan to page ten before he/she finds out the amount of the loan you require.  Clearly state your capabilities and needs in the executive summary and you will have a greater chance that the reader will turn the page.Content of the Executive Summary  Conclude the executive summary with the purpose of the e-business plan and a specific statement of what you expect from the reader. .

. but only rarely will more than two pages be required.Length of the Executive Summary Q: How long should an executive summary be? A: short Most business ideas need more than one page to tell the reader what the business is about.

.When to Write the Executive Summary A good rule is that the executive summary should be started in the middle of the planwriting process and be finished last.  The summary is too important for that. If the executive summary is put off until the last minute it is likely to be written in a hurry and not be a coherent statement of the business plan's contents.

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