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PDC Geography - Tackling the barriers to extended geographical writing

CONTEXT: Following our post exam analysis for GCSE Geography in 2018, we identified that a large proportion of our
students struggled to access the AQA assessment criteria at Level 3 for 9 markers.

The Geography team have developed two main approaches to address this barrier to exam success in summer 2019.

Strategy 1 - Student friendly assessment criteria for Strategy 2 - Circle Planning Tool. This is helping to
levelled assessment questions improve exam responses by 1 grade on average.

The success criteria is explicitly taught to the students Step 1: BUG the 6 or 9 mark exam question (B- Box the
from the start of Year 10. We are looking to move this command work, Underline - the geography and G - glance
into our current Key Stage 3 curriculum provision to back at the question)
develop the skills prior to starting the course. Step 2: outside of the circle students write down what
They use the criteria as a simplified checklist of what to they know linked to the question - this is a planning
include in their extended written responses. phase.
Students use this criteria to peer and self assess 6 and 9 Step 3: Filter the ideas into the inner section of the circle
mark extended written responses. to develop a clear structure to their response.
We are training students up so they know what the Step 4: Students then use the planning tool to answer the
‘Transnational corporations (TNC’s) only bring advantages of the ‘host country’
Do you agree with this statement. Justify your decision.