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One I’m Not Prepared To Think About My Career 3

Two I Don’t Have Any Career Plan, But I Want To Begin Researching My Choice 5

Three I Have A Career In Mind, But I Need To Do More Research 7

Four I Have A Career Plan But I Need To Acquired Relevant Experience 9

Five I Am Prepared To Apply For The Career I Want, But Where To Start 11

Six I Want To Continue Studying, But How To Start? 13

The main purpose of designing this book is to put within the reach of our readers and act as a source
of inspiration and motivation to all readers. The intention of the author of this book is to help career
seekers, either in and out of the classroom or from different backgrounds to have a clearer pathway
on how to plan their career. As we all know, career growth is a lifetime development process, not
simply a one-time search. Your career will continually changes as your life path and career goals
change. In other words, the theory and practical of real life in this book emphasize the fact that
having a job, and ultimately a career, is significant to your current well-being.

Thus, this book is ideally suited for those readers who are decided or undecided about their career
paths, in career transition, or plan to further studies. The main objective of your education is always to
prepare you for a satisfying career. Through this book, you will learn the importance of internship and
team cooperation experiences in order to increase the likelihood of achieving your career goals. It
covered the fundamental elements of career planning and searching with resources contemporary to
today’s workplace.

When reading the book, you have already taken the first step toward searching a career. The
ideas and support tools application will help you in your career planning process. This book is about
you. It is all about how you can live your best life while achieving a fulfilling career. Besides, it
provides a lot of information regarding the solutions in your current situation of decided and
undecided career goals. The author also provides ways on how to cultivate those goals throughout the
job-search process by using straightforward and easy- to-follow steps.

The book is displayed in a conversational style which allow readers to easily read and understand,
at the same time makes you feel like you have a personal career instructor by your side, providing
tips, ideas, encouragement, and recommendation as you work toward your career goals and
conquering any barriers.

iLeD Centre

Signs You Are

Not Ready For
a Job

It is normal to be eager to look for a job as a

fresh graduate. Today's job market is
mushrooming with job seekers who have
no clear career path, and are settling for
any job that they could get. Most of the
fresh graduates are faced with a false
impression that real life jobs are similar to
the internship they've had, but they are
very different in reality. Just because
you’ve just graduated, does not necessarily
mean that you are ready for a real job yet.

PRESS METAL is South East Asia’s largest aluminium producer and a globally
integrated corporation with an international network covering China, the United
Kingdom, North America and the Middle East.
About Us
The company provide employees with excellent opportunities for growth, training,
advancement and employability as one of the country’s preferred employers.

For More Information :


KTS TRADING SDN. BHD. is an established Nation-wide trading company established

since 1962 dealing in Outboard motor and Solar Heating Systems (as sole distributor in
Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei).

The company offers attractive remuneration packages and benefits that commensurate
with academic qualification and experience, comprehensive training, excellent career
advancement and conducive working environment.

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integrated marine engineering, civil engineering
and building construction firm based in the East
Malaysian state of Sarawak. It is renowned for its
expertise in mass land reclamation and dredging
as well as complex infrastructure works.

The features of its business are its in-house

capacity to handle the entire construction process
and its ownership of a vast machinery fleet
including cutter suction dredgers, tugboats,
barges, heavy lift cranes and tunnel boring
machines. HSL has been publically listed on the
construction counter of Bursa Malaysia's Main
Market since 1996 and is a regular winner of
shareholder value awards.

For More Information :

HOCK PENG REALTY SDN BHD is a property developer and a CIDB Registered Grade G7
Contractor. The company specialising in property development, construction, hotel, retail,
service station, trading, coal mining, marine dredging and land reclamation work.

About Us With its proven track record and sound management, Hock Peng was able to joint venture
with the State Government's Statutory Bodies and Local Authorities to develop and
successfully completed numerous development and commercial projects.

For More Information :


JAYA TIASA HOLDINGS BERHAD, the leading fully-integrated timber

producer in Malaysia. The company aim to create a strong viable corporate
entity, a first choice employer, continuously improving by harnessing
resources of people, processes, and technology contributing to the nation’s

THE continued growth of business relies on the Group’s ability to attract, motivate and retain the best talent
with appropriate skills at every level.

For More Information :


RIMBUNAN HIJAU GROUP (RH GROUP) is one of Malaysia’s largest multi-industry companies
founded in 1975 and have successfully established worldwide presence. Today, RH Group is
one of Malaysia’s most integrated, dynamic conglomerates, and also one of the largest private
sector employers. RH Group core business operations can be broken down into the following
About Us  Forestry  ICT
 Oil Palm Plantations  Hospitality
 Media  Others

For More Information :


PANSAR BERHAD is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. The company was

founded in 1974 and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. PANSAR is listed on Bursa
Malaysia under the Main Market.

The company is a supplier and service provider of building materials, marine and industrial
engineering products, wood engineering equipment and supplies, electrical and office
automation supplies in Malaysia and Singapore.

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SUBUR TIASA HOLDINGS BERHAD, an investment holding company, engages in manufacturing of

high quality Plywood, Particleboard & Sawn Timber, has built its credibility as the leading wood-
based production group on an unyielding commitment to quality.
STH has earned a reputation as the preferred supplier to the furniture and construction industries
in global markets. Besides boasting a range of award-winning products, STH brands itself as a
dynamic integrated organisation with a genuine heart for habitat and a deep passion for people.

For More Information :


NAIM HOLDINGS BERHAD is an investment holding company. Its two main subsidiaries are Naim
Land Sdn. Bhd. (NLSB) and Naim Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (NESB) primarily involved in property
development and construction activities respectively. Naim Holdings Berhad was listed on the Main
Board of Bursa Malaysia.

Naim is one of the leading township developers in Sarawak, with flagship developments in Miri, About Us
Kuching and Bintulu. Naim is also a Class A Bumiputera Contractor with ISO 9001 certification and has
recently emerged as one of Malaysia’s largest Bumiputera contractors.

For More Information :


TA ANN HOLDING BERHAD is a resource-based company based in Sarawak, Malaysia. The

company started as forest concession licensee, timber harvesting, shipping operations and
downstream wood-based industries. The company committed to sustainable management of forest
resource and a pioneer in reforestation in Sarawak. It is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.

TA ANN mission is to excel in sustainable development of resources by way of value maximization

and waste minimization for the benefits of our stakeholders and the community at large.

For More Information :


SAMLING GROUP OF COMPANIES is a Malaysian conglomerate with diverse business interests

from forest resource management to oil palm plantation, property development and automotive
business in various countries globally. Established in 1963 and headquartered in Sarawak, have
more than 16,000 dedicated employees across the international footprint.

The GROUP’s core business is in the management of forest resource and manufacturing of wood

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TEKMARK GROUP is an established leading technology company founded since 1994. The
company started with a clear vision of becoming a reputable technology business, offering
customers only the most advanced and quality Test and Measurement solutions.

With deep electronic measurement industry experience, TEKMARK has grown from strength to
strength, from partnering with the best measurement manufacturers, to design and operating
accredited service and calibration laboratory facilities.
About Us

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