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mRetail in India has emerged as one of the most dynamic

and fast paced industries, with the entry of several new

players in recent years.

mIndia is a young nation when compared to countries like

the USA and the UK with 55% of its population falling in
the youth bracket. About 450 million individuals in India
are estimated to be below 20 years of age.

mThe introduction of the foreign television channels like

MTV and other movie channels have exposed the Indian
youth to the western style of living and thought in a big
The emergence of English as a common language
and the importance attached to it in the Indian
society have also been found to yield rich
dividends not only in the context of the careers of
the Indian youth but also it has indirectly made a
marketer·s task of successfully targeting this
segment a lot easier.

The factor making Generation Y an ever

attractive segment is its growing purchasing
power. This is because of higher disposable
incomes resulting from teens opting to work part-
time during schooling, less reliance on parents to
make purchases, and heightened media awareness




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A Gaming zone
inside = == A food court
draws a large crowd inside the
comprising of young premises with
students. customizable items
is a hit with the
 The second largest store in the country.

Discounts twice a year up to 70%mainly for the

  and    apparels which are in
vogue among the youth

The largest multibrand store

in Eastern India.

Apparels of almost all brands

under one roof

Special membership cards for

privileged customers.

Informing the customers

about the discount offers by
e-mails and SMS .
Only of its kind in Eastern
Products range from Apparels,
footwear FMCGs, electronic
items and fast food.

Organized a rock show on 15th

august last year

Plans to contact educational

institutes in Ranchi to provide
the students with special offers

This store has a unique

technology called BLU-fi in
which one can download offers
and applications related to
reliance by means of Bluetooth
to a handset. @ 


Countless food joints in the city.
95% of the footfalls registered are the young people.

Notable among them are Café Coffee Day, Brewberry,

Domino·s, which are open till late nights.

Some coffee shops are open 24hrs.

Special student·s discount of 10%is given in almost

every major food joint in the city on production of an
identity card

Special menu
during major
sporting events like
the world cup
football to tap the
The unorganized sector consists of both
Apparels and Food

 @ @+= !
The major concentration of apparel
stalls is in between Daily market and
Firayalal Chowk.
Around 65% of the customers are youth.
The items sold are mostly JEANS &
Cotton Pants and T-shirts.

Consist of roadside vendors
selling junk food
Recently a student of IIM B
launched a company of Roadside
thelas in the name of ü 0+==0 
in Ranchi for providing Quality
roadside food.
A new mall is coming up on
which is destined to be a hit
among the youth. It boasts of
a dedicated gaming zone with
a 12 lane bowling alley which
will cater to the needs of
Ranchi·s youth.
It will also have a three screen
Multiplex of the network 18
group which will be three
times as big as Eyelex.
Opening doors this month end