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Mohd Farhan Syazwan Bin Dzulkarnain 08DKM18S1010
Mohamad Noor Ekmal Bin Samnudin

Pensyarah :

Agoda is one of the world’s fastest Airbnb: An Overview

growing online travel booking platforms. Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects
From its beginnings as an e-commerce people who want to rent out their homes with
start-up based in Singapore in 2005, people who are looking for accommodations in
Agoda has grown to offer a global that locale. It currently covers more than 81,000
network of 2 million properties in more cities and 191 countries worldwide. The
than 200 countries and territories
worldwide. It provides travelers with easy
access to a wide choice of luxury and
V company's name comes from "air mattress
For hosts, participating in Airbnb is a way to earn

budget hotels, apartments, homes, and some income from their property, but with the
villas to suit all budgets and travel risk that the guest might do damage to it. For
occasions. guests, the advantage can be relatively
Headquartered in Singapore, Agoda is inexpensive accommodations, but with the risk
part of Booking Holdings (Nasdaq: BKNG) that the property won't be as appealing as the
and employs more than 4,000 staff in more listing made it seem.
than 30 countries. and the
Agoda mobile app are available in 38
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1) Community Center 3) The Listing Toolkit

three core principles: Aimed at new hosts, the Listing Toolkit will provide examples of real-life best practices and
- Help hosts communicate with other hosts provide newbies with resources for hosting. This is not just your basic information on how to
- Help hosts to find relevant information, fast. host – we have been promised that the team are “rewriting the book on hospitality”.
- Ensure that all questions are heard by the Airbnb team. The toolkit has been released today in English and French – with other languages being
rolled out from early next year.
2) Airbnb Dynamic Pricing
4) Host Mentors Program
Pro Tip from LearnAirbnb:
We’ve consistently heard from hosts all over the world Along with the Listing Toolkit, Airbnb today announced their Host Mentors program. This
that the Airbnb’s built in pricing tends to under price their promises a playbook of what to do – passed on, one-on-one, from experienced hosts.
listings. Not too surprising considering their platform may The program will match a mentor with a new host – connecting the two over email, for 30
be optimizing the pricing to increase the overall total days of email support. The role of mentor is to make sure there are no “silly” or “small”
number of bookings, rather than to maximize the profits questions left on the table. For Every 10 mentorships completed, Airbnb will credit the
of any particular listing. To get profit optimized dynamic mentor with $250 travel credit so that they can experience the platform as a guest.
pricing, we’d recommend you
check out Wheelhouse. 5) Changes to Booking Requests

The product team today announced that they will require guests to upload a photo of their
face (and their software verifies it is a face!), attached to each booking request. Potential
guests will also be shown the house rules in a pop-up before booking, to ensure that they
are read and understood.
The strength and
The Strength of Airbnb The Strength of Agoda
- Wide Selection - Wide Selection for booking
- Free Listings - Free listing
- Hosts Can Set Their Own Price - Cuztomizable searches
- Customizable Searches
- Additional Services The Weakness of Agoda
- Protections for Guests and Hosts - Cannot rent or plan transport in package
- Taxes
The Weakness of Airbnb - Upfront money for booking
- What You See May Not Be What You Get - Potential Damage
- Potential Damage - What you see may not be what you get
- Added Fees
- Taxes
- It Isn't Legal Everywhere
The Travelers who would like to experience personalized traveling and enjoy local
live style.

Meet new people
Contribute to others - Business Traveler
Care about sharing economy, sustainability - Leisure Traveler
Earn money - Group Traveler
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Disrupted traditional industry by introducing digital solution - Corporate
Succeeded in building trust in digital world by being transparent and by - Family
personalizing traveling experience
Helped in boosting economy for middle class
Consumer attitudes are different towards technology evolution.

Marketing mix:
Product -introduce special tours (helicopter ride, rafting, sky diving, bungy jumping)
Price - offer different prices for the tour events, depending on number of people
Promotion - promote the new product as safe and adventurous on you tube and
social media
Place - expand into new countries.