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• Delivery of Pizza within 30 min.

• Domino’s case at least , speeds kills.
• It is estimated that 20 deaths in 1988 including
Jesse Colson 17 year old pizza driver.
• Kinney one of the critic has asked Domino’s to
abolish the 30 min rule.
• “ A license to speed”
Legal critics…..
• State department of labor is investigating the ” 30
min rule”- violation of “1970, Occupational
safety and Health Act”
• Hingst spokesperson of Domino’s says “the 30 min
rule is very important for our customers”
• 30 min rule act as an inherent encouragement,
putting great pressure on drivers- old drivers of
All the critics ,
formal as well as
to abolish the “30
Domino’s says “
we are taking a lot
of heat now”
What’s up ?!
Related theory
• Direct marketing
Direct marketing means selling products by dealing directly with
consumers rather than through intermediaries.
• Traditional methods include mail order, direct-mail selling, cold calling,
telephone selling, and door-to-door calling.
More recently
direct radio selling,
magazine and TV
advertising, and
on-line computer
shopping have
been developed.
A question for solution…
• 30 minute guarantee
• Growing legal actions and critics against the
delivery policy.
• Challenging infrastructure and weather
• Employing drivers under 18 by the franchisees.
• 30 minute guarantee should be removed
• Customization of current distribution locations
• Innovative distribution policy
• Adding new flavors on the basis of regional tastes
• Play up with the quality
Questions for discussion
• Suggest suitable course of action for Domino’s
Pizza, keeping in view that the company built its
market on the plank of 30 minute rule.
• Growing critics will be chance to the competitors
to capture the market. So abolishing the 30
minute policy and adopting a policy with safety
measures will be suitable.
• Analyse the challenges faced by Domino Pizza
and comment upon their distribution policies.

1. Changing consumer habits towards healthier food choices

2. Franchise operations affected by currency exchange
3. Intensive competition from a fragmented number of small
Weather conditions and infrastructure in the rural area
Not a guarantee…….

•Innovation –
choco lava cake
launched in the
year 2009
• “ the manual literally leaves nothing to chance”,
so domino’s can continue their playing with taste
and quality of the pizzas themselves.