At JK Business School, we believe in all round Personality Development of the students.

This course would help the students who are ready to plunge into a highly competitive world with a practical, direct action approach in mastering their personality to be a winner in life. 

Development of

Personality  Communication & Presentation Skills  Decision Making Skills  Enhancing the Power of Mind.

The pedagogy will comprise of Lectures, individual and group exercises, situational analysis, role plays, management games, case studies, presentations and theme based discussions aimed at experimental learning and skill development.

1. Know your Personality :

Types of personalities and principles of personality development. Knowing your self : The key to a better quality of life. Understanding your weakness & strengths Clearing beliefs , mental blocks, negative conditioning, fear of being failure, fear of rejection. fear of being ridicule your strength and weakness.

Discovering who you really are. Breaking free from false beliefs. Accepting yourself unconditionally. Transforming limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. Self- image and self awareness check -Developing a positive self image. Adopting positive self- talk. Taking charge of your life.

‡ How can we Use each Strength? ‡ How can we Stop each Weakness? ‡ How can we Exploit each Opportunity? ‡ How can we Defend against each Threat?

Enhancing Assertiveness Personality

Acquiring an Assertive

Knowing how to give constructive feedback Learning to say No . Handling criticism. Positive & Negative thinking Indicators of Assertive Behaviors

To develop skills required by an executive to work efficiently in an organization. Business Correspondence 

Reading Skills Writing Skills Making Notes Spoken English Common Errors in English Business Report Writing Skills Flaw defectors in English language & Exercise

The Importance of a Positive Mental Attitude Developing and Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude Reversing a Negative attitude Attitude and Success Work Attitudes and Job Satisfaction Steps to a Positive Attitude

Motivational Theories How to keep yourself motivated and others to lead a happier life and be successful at your job.

Setting goals is very important in ensuring that we are living the lives we really want to live. However, most people fail to achieve most of their goals most of the time. Learning how to overcome the setbacks that can stop us from achieving our goals leads to more productive and fulfilling lives.

How To Build Up Courage, Improve Your Relationships, Boost Your Morale, and Live The Life You Want With Unshakable Confidence!"

What is Anger Management all about ? Curbing Anger at work. How not to annoy People.

Importance & Nature of Communication Process of Communication Barriers & gateways in Communication Verbal & Non Verbal Communication Business Communication Communication Technology

Importance of Listening Hearing & listening Honing listening skills

Seven Great helpers for making a presentations Format of presentation:
- Preparing a Presentation - Preparing Yourself - Delivering a Presentation - Handling Audience

Positive Gestures Handshakes The Gazes Smiles Hand Movements Styles of Walking Voice Modulations


The Keyword

Basic Good Manners Power of dressing - Dress code Extending Greetings- introduction & meeting people Telephone Manners Etiquette at work Corporate Manners

Model Code of Conduct for Today s Managers Managerial Effectiveness through Ethical Principles Corporate Governance

Group Discussions Strategies for GDs Interviews Facing the interview Board Body sport for interview Negotiations

The students shall be assessed through series of Tests about where do they stand in terms of selfimprovement . These Tests shall help us to measure the ability and desire of each student in terms of his inner willingness to improve him self.

Do you seek self- improvement? Are you getting the most out of life? Do you complicate your life? Do you love life? Do you Lead a happy life? Can you get on top of Life? How well do you live with yourself. How well do you face life? Who directs your life?

Do you size opportunity? Do you have self- discipline? Is your will power strong? Are you well organized? How flexible you are? Are you an optimist? Do you overlook details? How well you can take criticisms ?

Can you stand stress ? Do you learn from experience? Do you use your full potential? Do you have initiative? Are you level -headed? Are you tactful ? Do you make other people happy? Do you earn respect of others?

Are you a creature of habits? Do you care about others? Can you live with others?

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