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The Hopper

• The hopper is securely fastened with bolts and has a nominal volume of 8m3.

• The Fintec 570 comes standard with a 12’ (3650 mm) Tipping grid and crusher inlet chute.

• The tipping grid extension plates fold out to give a loading area of 14’4” length (4369mm).
Hopper Complete With
Inlet Chute

• The F570 has the option of fitting a crusher

inlet chute with a 12’ Tipping grid.

• The Inlet chute is fitted with a hardox 400 plate.

• The initial third of the hopper is also fitted with a hardox plate.
• In the same area the belt protection plate is fitted with a standard 10mm plate.
The Tipping Grid
 The grid can be tipped hydraulically by using a remote
control unit, which is usually carried by the operator.

 By using a variety of hole settings on the tipping grid

support arms, the operator can set the grid at different
angles depending on the material being screened.

 Tipping angle of the grid is variable & can be pre-set to

maximise tipping perfomance.

 The inner leg of support is galvanised for longevity.

 The standard opening on the grid bars is 4’’(100mm)with

an optional 6” (150mm).

 Each grid bar is free floating and can swing independently.

Option: The Vibrating Grid

 Double deck vibrating grid.

 The vibrating grid can be angled hydraulically by using the auxillary control
valve in the powerunit.

 By using a variety of hole settings on the vibrating grid support arms, the operator can set
the grid at different angles depending on the material being screened.

 The inner legs of support are galvanised.

Hopper Legs
 The galvanised legs under the Hopper can
be raised and lowered hydraulically,
decreasing set up time.

 The legs are covered in a rust-proof

galvanised coating to improve durability.

 Large base plate, suitable for soft ground.

Hopper Belt

 The hopper belt has variable speed control

and is 1200mm (48’’) wide.

 The hopper belt is fitted at a 10 degree

angle. This ensures optimum feed flow.
• Direct hydraulic drive for hopper belt feeder.

• All inner leg sections of adjustable supports are

The Conveyors
Main Conveyor

• The main conveyor belt is 1050mm wide (42’’)

• Extra high skirting plates to protect from bouncing &

backward rolling material.

• The side skirting plates extend over material to give

added security.

• Rubber sealing strips fitted along full length of skirting


• The operator can hydraulically extend and

retract the main conveyor for maximum screening
Side Conveyors

• Width: 32” (800mm.)

• Discharge height: 14’10” (4530mm)
• High troughing roller’s angle.
• Rubber skirting system extends from feed boot to first rollerset
to prevent material spillage.

Transport Brackets
• Quick release pins for transport brackets.

Hydraulic Motor

• Heavy duty hydraulic motor supporting bracket.

Side Conveyor Feedboots
• The extra wide feedboot allows the material time to
spread out across the bottom of the belt before it
moves up the variable speed side conveyor.

Support Hinges

• Side conveyor support hinges are extra heavy for quarry applications.
• The most heavy duty hinges in the business!
Side Conveyor

• The side conveyor easily folds in and out hydraulically, and

this procedure can be carried out by one operator.

• In the transport position the side conveyor folds up tight

against the machine so that it will comply with all transport

Tail Conveyor

• Hydraulic raise and lower tail conveyor, that allows easy

access to the screenbox when changing screens.

• The tail conveyor belt is 1200mm wide (48’’)

Belt Scraper
• The Rosta belt scraper is kept tensioned on the conveyor
belt at all times.

• One-piece blade prevents material becoming jammed along

the length of the scraper.

Belt Tension
• Belt tension & belt alignment system.
The Screenbox

• The Screenbox is surrounded by a maintenance walkway, which gives the

operator complete access to the screenbox and easily folds inwards for

• The screenbox is bolted together to eliminate stresses.

Screenbox Walkway

• The platform on the screen walkway can be easily folded

for transport position.

• The walkway has a unique elbow style folding mechanism

that enables the operator to set-up or fold away quickly.

Heavy Duty Screenbox

• Thickness of screenbox wall is 8mm.

Screen Tensioning
• Wedge quick release screen tensioning system on high
impact zone of the top deck.
• Screenbox speed 990 rpm. Doubledeck.
• Screen size top deck 18’ x 5’(5450mm x 1528mm)
•Screen size bottom deck 17’ x 5’ (5240 x
1528 mm)
• 2 bearing, high amplitude screen.
• Screenbox angle adjustable from 24-30 degrees.

• Screen rotation is forward action.

Hydraulic Motor & Springs

• Safety protection cover on springs.
• Heavy duty hydraulic motor & screen shaft.
• High amplitude screen shaft.
Screen & Impact Box
• The top deck screens are side tensioned and the bottom deck
screens are end tensioned.

• Hardox lined impact box on top deck screen

• Screenbox bolted to eliminate any unnecessary heat stress.

• Unique built-in 5 degree screen angle in bottom deck.

• Main conveyor position is adjustable to ensure material drops in

screen impact box at all screening angles.

Screen Tensioning
• Quick release wedge system
on top deck.
The Engine Compartment
• Hydraulic hoses professionally fitted.
• Sufficient room for repair & maintenance.

Power Unit
• Cat diesel engine type 3054C.
• Meets tier 2 in European law.
• 74kw 99hp @ 2200rpm.
• Fuel tank capacity of 400 litres.
• Fuel consumption approx 9-12 litres (2-3 gallons) per hour.
The Operational Controls

Visual Alerts Include:

• Individual adjustment of conveyors speed. 1) Hour meter
2) Water Trap Filter (needs drained)
• On/off operation of whole unit. 3) Emergency Stop released
4) Emergency Stop pressed
• Electrical control panel containing all engine data 5) Air cleaner blockage lamp
& visual alert system. 6) Injection System
• Access to engine dipstick when in transport mode. 7) Pre – Heat
8) Water temperature
• Always read the operators manual before starting 9) Oil Pressure lamp
the machine. 10) Charge lamp
11) Ignition switch
Battery Isolation Switch

• Electric isolation switch provided for safety when maintaining machine.

Oil Cooler

• The oil cooler maintains optimum temperature.

Remote Grease Hoses
•All bearing have a grease line going to them so that the
operator does not have to take off any guards.

•The other end on the grease line is attached to a grease

nipple, which is centrally located to allow easy daily

•These grease points can be found on a number of areas

on the machine.
Hydraulic Tank
• The hydraulic tank has a capacity of 630 litres (165 USA

• There are 5 emergency stops on the machines. When

pressed they will stop the engine immediately.

Diesel Fuel Tank

• The diesel tank is made from steel plate and hold
400 Litres (105 USA Gallons)

• The diesel tank now has an oversize lockable filler cap

for filling from large fuel line.
The Tracks
•The crawler tracks have a length of 3800mm (12’6’’) on
the F570.

•The tracks are 500mm (20’’) wide.

•The crawler tracks are bolted to the chassis for ease

of maintenance.

•There is a distance of approximately 100mm (4’’)

between the tracks and the chassis, which gives
adequate room for general maintenance

• Excellent ground clearance.

The Options:

Water Spraying

• Dust suppression system

Wear Plates

• Hardox wear plates on middle & over size hopper of side conveyors.
• Hardox liners on spreader plate on oversize chute.
• Hardox liners on internal surface of belt feed hopper.
Remote Controls

• Optional remote cordless

control for tracking of unit.

• Remote cable control for tracking of


• Remote cable control for

tracking of unit.
• Heavy duty socket
protected by metal hood.

• Remote cordless control for tipping of grid.

Options: Summary

• Double deck vibrating grid

• Radio controlled tracks
• Side conveyor feed boot hardox lined
• Spreader plate hardox lined
• Hopper hardox lined back and sides
• Top deck/oversize screen chute hardox lined
• Dead box/stone box in hopper
• Dust suppression including canvas covers
• Roll back flaps on main product conveyor x 3
• Halogen work lights
• Central autolube system
• Quick release wedge system for the whole length of top deck screen.
F570 Main Selling Features

1 Large feed hopper with crusher inlet chute.

2 Maximum screening area for separatoin of final aggregates due to large size of
3 Screenbox measures 5450 x 1528mm(18’5”) top deck and 5240 x 1528mm (17’5”) on
the bottom deck.
4. A 5 degree inclined angle on screenbox giving you banana effect principle
5. Larger throw on eccentric shaft than most of our competitors.
6 CAT engine.
7 Galvanised moving parts.
8 Machine is very accessible for maintenance.
9 Oven baked paint finish with high quality 2-pack paint.