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Who we are?
A Centre for research, training and technology transfer
CTFC is a public body doing

Research Innovation transfer Training Expertise services
CTFC is a consortium of various public bodies:

Organisation chart
CTFC BOARD President
University-CTFC Research Committee
General Director Sub director

Sectorial Committee

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Research Direction

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Contribute to the modernisation and competitiveness of the forestry sector, to the rural development and to the sustainable management of natural resources … through research, training and transfer of technology and knowledge to society.

Become a centre of reference on the local, national and international levels in the fields of forestry and rural development

The CTFC in the world


* 3.500 m2 * Heating system: Biomass boiler . Wood Chips consumption. * Solar panels (hot water) * Rain recycling system

Let’s talk People

But employees of all ….. most 130
18 PhDs 14M€ anual budget (2008) 88% self-financing a 4M€ brand-new facility autofinanced

A young team, dedicated, outstanding and ever-growing!

Multidisciplinary Flexible Proactive Sensitive to society Confident and Professional
Different approaches and Methodologies

Researching real world problems!


Social demands and problem solving oriented Flexible, multidisciplinary, adaptable to demands and multiproduct…

Scientific papers Divulgative papers Guidelines Policy recomendations Technical guidelines Action plans Prototypes Others


Agroforested ecosystems dynamics

Work programs
Multifunctional management of natural systems

ange al ch Glob bility aInterconnection, dynamic S us t a i n

Governance and socioeconomics of rural environments

Agroforested ecosystems dynamics

Work programs
Multifunctional management of natural systems

Interconnection, dynamic

Governance and socioeconomics of rural environments

Some examples…

Agroforested ecosystems dynamics Multifunctional management of natural systems

Interconnection, dynamic

Governance and socioeconomics of rural environments

Dynamics of forest and agroforest ecosystems

Dynamics and Vulnerability

Anticipate Adaptation Measures

Forecast the impact of Global Change

Agroforested ecosystems dynamics

Work programs
Multifunctional management of natural systems

Governance and socioeconomics of rural environments

Governance and socio-economics of rural environments

Identify and analyze the socioeconomic context Sustainable development and planning

Promotion of the economic growth

Forest policy and rural development

Agroforested ecosystems dynamics Multifunctional management of natural systems

Governance and socioeconomics of rural environments

… About TT and Services
Professional training programmes
ar T


Forest vocational training Rural and Forest Guards Administration services European system of knowledge for Internet supported distance learning in sustainable forestry European Forestry Master (associated)

gn in i

hcr aese R

f re s


l ygo

ceT onh


European Programmes

Interreg / FEDER

Life / Natura 2000


International Cooperation



European Programmes
Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya
1. Economy, growth, research and development


11 projects

Territorial Cooperation
19 projects/actions Development Aid 11 projects Education and Training 6 projects

2. Environment

3. Urban, Rural and Human development

Group Equal opportunities
• Within the Directorate of Training, Quality and Local Development, the Working Group on Equal Opportunities is formed by a professional team for seven years who developed actions, studies and projects to promote opportunities for women and promote equal opportunities in rural areas. The activities are developed around five areas: training and placement programs, ICT, business promotion of women in the labor market, drafting and development of women's political plans and research.

Group Equal opportunities
• YEAR 2003 Conference on women entrepreneurs. Prospects for the XXI century YEAR 2004 Seminar on Reconciliation between work and family life companies Catalunya. Since 2004, the Working Group Donate Rural (Rural Women) and Equal Opportunities is working with the University of Lleida in conducting various research projects related to the fields of competence of the ICD Workshops have been done Occupancy (TO) for mainly unemployed women over 45 years, training and employment programs, such as actions to promote female employment. Have carried out five OT in the field of restoration of natural areas and landscaping, and two with the specialty of home care and geriatric assistant. From 2005 to 2007, the CTFC was also involved, as coordinator of two actions, in the first project DONA / HOME Rurals EQUAL Initiative, which took place in Lleida in favor of equal opportunities between women and men. This project was the result of agreement between 12 public and private institutions of our land who want to contribute in improving the employment situation of rural women.

Group Equal opportunities
• YEAR 2008 Seminar on How to incorporate gender equity in the company. It has developed a draft implementation of actions: 1st plan Solsonès women policies, which aims to continue the task of implementing the actions 1st Policy Plan Women's Solsonès. This year from the team, we offer a hand to help meet the needs that are detected with the diagnosis of the plan and the study of "dealing with women of Solsonès.“ It also wants to exploit that made a Web page as useful tool to increase awareness, to update, expand and make more media to get the most women as possible.

Group Equal opportunities
• The year 2006 produced two women's political plans, framed within the guidelines of the V Plan of Action and development of women's policies in Catalonia 2005-07 of the Institut Català de les Dones, using as a framework for the planning of the objectives work: 1st Women's Policy Plan of Urgell. This study was the result of the initiative of the Urgell District Council, which commissioned the CTFC the technical part of the project, making the diagnosis and proposals for action, and the drafting of the Plan. 1st Policy Plan Women's Solsonès. This was an initiative of the Department of Education, Quality and CTFC Rural Development, which conducted the study in its entirety. The areas of work for this project was the Training and Employment.

Thank you very much for your attention!
Francesc Altès Paloma Hernández Ester Moreno

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