Last October 18, 2010 (Monday) the Northern part of Isabela was badly hit by the super typhoon Juan. With its whistling wind and resounding sound of heavy rains the province was caught by surprise of this unforgettable 6-hour duration of battling and crackling sounds of the trees, roofs and a tricyle! This day is the most dreaded one not to happen again in the history of the province. Maconacon, Divilacan and Palanan towns were isolated and some major damages including the towns of Tumauini, Ilagan and Gamu. These are areas where majority of our Kumon students reside. Around half of the families suffered the wrath of the typhoon and hearing from their experiences during the typhoon makes me sigh. I can only listen to them and pray that this ordeal will come to pass the faster way. Truly, God has his unfathomable wisdom how each of us handle and respond to this test of faith. In the midst of helplessness God is our ever present help in times of need! -Teacher Lilet

Entrance of the Ilagan Center. The top part is the signage of the commercial building we are renting was thrown out. Despite the strong winds our signage stood still. Amazing isn·t it?

The frontage of the building where all the billboards of other tenants were destroyed/deformed!

Sad to say one of their signs hit our Kumon tarpaulin. Who·s fault is this? The durability of the tarpaulin, the weak quality of their sign or the strong winds?

Some of the glass windows were also broken

The sign on a closer look seems okay not until we checked if the bulbs inside are still functioning when the electricity gets restored.

The glass doors and walls of Chowking fasfood were all broken due to strong winds. Good that we don·t have sessions on that day or else«. it also could happen to us : - /

Part of the roofs of a nearby poultry supply was blown by the wind.

This is what happened to transformers of (ISELCO- Isabela Electric Cooperative) The reason why it will take about weeks to restore the electricity in this part of the province. There is total darkness at night!

These trees used to be picnic areas to relieve stress but now they are all stressed by the strong winds brought by the typhoon.

Elementary school facilities were destroyed and soaking wet. Classes are suspended and will resume until further notice.

Small businesses were stopped to literally put all the pieces back again.

People just don·t know where to start. People are helpless.

Ruthless Juan = Roofless Juan

Normal view on the road to Ilagan. Carpenters on the ceilings to repair the roofs!

The Camp UPI Barracks· roofs were blown out whole by the strong wind.

Trees without leaves! This area used to be green and the breeze is cool but now its humid and dried.

More houses without roofs.

Brownout is expected to be restored for a month yet so the center has to make contingency plan to buy rechargeable fans and lights.

The center also is considering to purchase generator as soon as collection becomes stable. There is a high demand for one in the totally blackout area.

While classes are still cancelled to many schools, we have to let the kids come earlier to the center to avoid inconveniences.

We have to cut short sessions at times when kids get impatient with the heat and the fans wont sustain it. Poor kids.

Ocampo kids just love to endure the heat and still wear a happy smile even after their session. They just love finishing their worksheets.

We have to adjust the center lay out for a better air and light ventilation.

This is how Ilagan looks like at night time. Parang haunted town. Ang dilim!

This road used to be sparkling with street lights, but now its dark and gloomy! Timely for the Halloween!

Despite the super typhoon that hit the area, Ilagan Center will stand the test and no storm can hinder us in providing the KUMON best quality service deserved by every child in the area. We will overcome by God·s grace and provision. Amen!

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