How Self Service via SAP HR has Changed MIT

March 2005 Higher Education Research User Group (HERUG) Conference

Welcome to MIT
Presenters: ‡ Kathleen Flynn, HRIS 617-258-7646, ‡ Shawn Foley, Benefits 617-258-7489, ‡ Riley Hart, HR-Payroll Project 617-452-4514,

‡ Overview of MIT Environment ‡ Demonstrations of MIT Self-Service ‡ Evolution of Benefits Open Enrollment ‡ How Self-Service has Changed Work at MIT


Paper±Intensive Processes ‡ Decentralized Responsibility for Maintenance of Data ‡ Reduced Repetitive Inquiries ‡ Improved Quantity.How Self Service Has Changed Work at MIT Self Service has: ‡ Replaced Laborious. Quality. and Accessibility of Data ‡ Allowed Integration among SAP Modules .

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) ±Reimbursement accounts that help employee take advantage of tax savings on eligible health care and dependent care expenses GUI ± Graphical User Interface. etc. Information Systems & Technology (IS&T). including HR. in this case the direct entry screen for SAP HR-Payroll Project ± The effort to implement SAP Benefits. Human Resources.MIT Terminology ‡ ‡ ‡ Tuition Assistance ± A reimbursement plan for employees who take courses in an approved area of study Training ± Instruction offered to employees and others by various organizations around the Institute. and Time Management at MIT Open Enrollment (OE) ± Annual opportunity for employees to update their health. dental and FSA plan benefits for the coming year ‡ ‡ . Payroll.



. ‡ Email confirmation is generated automatically when any data is entered or changed.Demo: Personal Info ‡ Employee can maintain contact information. as well as veteran status and education history.


Demo: View Your Benefits ‡ Available any time of year ‡ Includes an printable confirmation statement in pdf format .



design arose out of SAP implementation project ‡ Allows employees to determine whether their course qualifies for reimbursement ‡ Walks employees through the complex plan rules .Demo: TA Connect ‡ No connection to SAP.


Demo: Administrator Proxy ‡ Allows administrators to update employees¶ data on their behalf. ‡ Lists the employees whose information the administrator is authorized to update. . ‡ Offers the same functionality as the Personal Info employee self-service site.



‡ Salaries in employees¶ HR Master Data records are automatically updated. .Annual Salary Review ‡ Central Compensation office runs an SAP program to create lists of eligible employees. ‡ Assistant Deans enter overall allocations for their departments in SAP GUI. ‡ Compensation reviews and activates changes. ‡ Department administrators enter & submit individual salary changes for their employees in SAP GUI.

‡ create their own reports.Reporting from the Data Warehouse Administrators can: ‡ use ³canned´ reports available on the web. . and ‡ run reports when needed. with immediate results.

Open Enrollment ± Our 1st Self Service Success .

Open Enrollment ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ All on line Open Enrollment Email On line Personal Enrollment Guide Employee Self Service access anytime Email Confirmation .

Open Enrollment ± Begins with Email ‡ Dear Colleague.shtml Make Your 2005 Benefits Elections and Updates and View Your Benefit Options http://web. 2004 and continue through Friday. 2005. Lincoln Laboratory employees should contact the Lincoln Benefits Office at 2005 Benefits Information .mit. . November 15. December 3. The 2005 Open Enrollment Period will commence today Monday."Enrollment Guide" http://web.shtml Note: If you wish to receive a written paper copy of the enrollment materials free of charge please contact the Benefits Office on Campus at 617-253-6151 or by email at Any changes you make during the Open Enrollment period will take effect January 1. To view the 2005 Open Enrollment information use the links Message from the Director of Human Resources http://web.

Enrollment Guide on line .

Enrollment Guide ± Links to Enrollment Applications .

‡ Reporting by categories and departments identifies highand low-use groups (The use of ESS by Faculty is higher than expected).Employee Self-Service Usage ‡ Consistent method for reporting on use of self-service is desirable. . ‡ Statistics are useful in communications encouraging use of self service.

Usage for Employee Info Tab Transactions by Transaction & Month 3000 2500 2000 Unique Users 1500 July August 1000 September October November December 500 0 Up da te at e Up da te te te on ta ct Up da Up da pd U lI nf o Ad dr es s uc at dd Pe om or k nc y e/ H er ge W N am Em Et hn ic/ G en de rs on a A Ed e C r/ V et re ss io n U pd at e .Usage of Employee Info Tab on ESS.

Usage of Training SAPwebSS Usage: Training & Benefits Transactions & Events and Benefits Tabs 2500 on ESS. by Transaction & Month 2000 Unique Users 1500 July August September October November December 1000 500 0 Training and Events View Your Benefits Add Dependents Benefit Enrollment Tuition Assistance Update .

Community Involvement Capturing community input and feedback ‡ Focus Groups ‡ Usability Testing ‡ Accessibility Testing Post-implementation ‡ Help desk captures feedback ‡ Direct line to HR and other ESS business owners .

and Accessibility of Data ± Dependent Data ‡ Allowed integration among SAP modules ± Training integration with (HR) Personnel Administration and (Custom) Environmental Health and Safety . Quality.Recap . Paper±Intensive Processes ± Telephone Directory ‡ Decentralized Responsibility for Maintenance of Data ± New-Hire Data Entry ‡ Reduced Repetitive Inquiries ± Tuition Assistance ³TA Account´ ‡ Improved Quantity.How Self Service Has Changed MIT ‡ Replaced Laborious.

Next Steps SAP Payroll implementation will bring: ‡ Migration from Internet Transaction Server (ITS) to Web Application Server (WAS) ‡ Employee Self Service: ± Time entry for non-exempt staff ± Vacation tracking for exempt staff ± Tax Withholding updates ± Payroll Direct Deposit entry ± Web-site Redesign ‡ Self-Service for Departmental Administrators: ± Time entry (by proxy) and time approvals for non-exempt staff ± Salary distribution for non-exempt staff .

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