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Murder Mystery Lab

Maddie Cinelli, Heston Wilson, Nico Hadiaris, and

Kyle Ramser
Case Overview
Carlton Comet was murdered when he was on a picnic with Glen Glee, Sam
Sophomore, Fred Flimmer, Nancy Normal, and Theresa Terra.

7:30 p.m picnic starts

7:35 p.m sun gets turned off and Carlton Comet gets killed.

7:40 p.m police are called, they arrive at 7:55 p.m

8:00 p.m Carlton Comet pronounced dead at the scene. Someone tends to Nancy
Normal who cut her hand on some glass.
Fingerprints are an important tool in a criminal investigation. Each person has
unique fingerprints, so they can be used to identify suspects. Every suspect in our
case had their fingerprints taken so they could be compared to the prints that were
found on the scene on a glass table. Nancy Normal’s fingerprints matched the
print found on the glass table which means there is a high chance she was there.
Name Match Crime Scene Prints?

Theresa Terra No

Fred Flimmer No

Glen Glee No

Sam Sophomore No

Nancy Normal Yes

Carlton Comet No

Fingerprint that was Fingerprints of all of the

found on the knife. suspects.
Ink chromatography is a way to separate the colors of an ink from each other.
Each pen, even if they have the same color, is made up of a different combination
of inks. It is used in forensics to match the pen of a suspect with ink that was left
at the crime scene.

When Carlton Comet was killed a note was left at the scene. Pens were taken
from the suspects and compared with the ink from the note. Both Nancy Normal
and Sam Sophomore had pens that matched. This further proves that Nancy
Normal killed Carlton Comet

This note was This is the Fred Nancy Theresa

found at the scene. chromatography of Flimmer’s Normal and Terra and
the ink from the pen Sam Glen Glee’s
note. Sophomore’s pens
Blood Types
Blood types are a way of describing the antigens on a person’s red blood cells.
Different blood types have different types of antigens. Type A blood has A antigens,
Type B has B antigens, Type AB has both A and B antigens, and Type O has no
antigens. Blood types can be used to match blood samples to a suspect’s blood.

The knife found at the crime scene had two types of blood on it, the victim and most
likely the murderer. Based on the blood type the blood in the first sample could have
belonged to either Carlton Comet, Fred Flimmer, Glen Glee, or Sam Sophomore.
However, since Comet was stabbed with the knife we can assume that it was his
blood. The second blood sample matched with both Nancy Normal and Theresa Terra.
It is worth noting that Normal had cut herself and was bleeding. She claimed to have
cut herself on a piece of glass, but no other blood was found at the scene. This points
to the knife as the most likely way she could have cut herself.
Blood Types
Source of Blood Sample Blood Type

Crime Scene 1 O

Crime Scene 2 A

Theresa Terra A

Fred Flimmer O

Glen Glee O

Sam Sophomore O

Nancy Normal A

Carlton Comet O
A pedigree is a type of chart that is used to show all of a person’s relatives and an
important gene. It can be used to track the inheritance of certain genetic diseases.
In our case it was used to track Huntington Disease. Pedigrees can also be used
to find possible motives for a suspect.
Pedigree Chart
Karyotypes are profiles that show all of a person’s chromosomes. They are used
to identify chromosomal alterations such as Triple X Syndrome. A women with
Triple X Syndrome has an extra X chromosome and can have behavioral and
emotional problems. The karyotypes for the second blood sample and Nancy
Normal both showed Triple X Syndrome.
The karyotypes of the two sources of blood found on the scene were analyzed, as
well as the karyotypes of all the suspects.
Source of karyotype Genetic Disease?

Crime Scene 1 XYY Syndrome

Crime Scene 2 Triple X Syndrome

Theresa Terra Down Syndrome

Fred Flimmer XXY Syndrome

Glen Glee No

Sam Sophomore XYY Syndrome

Nancy Normal Triple X Syndrome

Carlton Comet XYY Syndrome


This is the karyotype of the blood sample This is the karyotype of Nancy Normal. It
found on the knife. It shows Triple X shows Triple X Syndrome.
Karyotype Analysis
The karyotype on the first blood sample could’ve matched either Carlton Comet or
Sam Sophomore, but since Comet was the one who was stabbed we can assume
that it was his. The karyotype of the second blood sample showed Triple X
Syndrome. The only suspect that has Triple X Syndrome is Nancy Normal.
Therefore, the blood is most likely Nancy Normal’s.
DNA Fingerprint
DNA fingerprinting is a process of determining an individual's unique DNA
characteristics, which are like fingerprints. This is done by creating agarose gel
with wells in which a suspect’s DNA is inserted. Then, electric current is run
through the gel in the process of gel electrophoresis to create bands of different
colors and sizes. These bands are analyzed to see if they match the DNA
samples found at the crime scene. If they match, there is a high likelihood the
suspect was at the scene.
DNA Fingerprint Analysis
Sam Sophomore Red Red

Theresa Terra Blue Red

Nancy Normal Blue Red

Fred Flimmer Light Blue, Light Orange

Glen Glee Blue Red

Carlton Comet Blue Red Yellow

Crime Scene 1 Blue Red

Crime Scene 2 Blue Red Yellow

DNA Fingerprint
Nancy Normal matches the DNA found at crime
scene 1,

Carlton Comet matches the DNA found at crime

scene 2.
Marfan’s Disease

Name Carries Marfan’s

Theresa Terra Negative

Fred Flimmer Positive

Glen Glee Negative

Sam Sophomore Negative

Nancy Normal Negative

Carlton Comet Negative

Name Carries Huntington’s Disease

Theresa Terra Negative

Fred Flimmer Negative

Glen Glee Negative

Sam Sophomore Positive

Nancy Normal Positive

Carlton Comet Negative

People having a picnic with Carlton Comet

● Nancy Normal
● Fred Flimmer
● Sam Sophomore
● Theresa Terra
● Glen Glee
Our Conclusion
We indict Nancy Normal with the charge of first degree murder.

First degree murder is when the killer has intent to kill someone and has a
premeditated plan to kill. The penalty for first degree murder is either death
penalty or life sentence without parole.
1.Nancy Normal’s fingerprint was found at the crime scene.

2. Nancy Normal’s blood was found on the knife.

3. Nancy Normal’s DNA fingerprint matches the fingerprint found on the knife

4. Nancy Normal has Huntington’s and Triple X which are chromosomal disorders
that affect a myriad of things in the body. Both diseases affect judgement.

5. Nancy Normal’s pen matches the ink found in the letter at the crime scene.
Nancy Normal is in love with Fred Flimmer. The Carlton Comet killed Fred’s sister
and Fred’s Aunt. Because of this she decided to get revenge on Carlton Comet by
killing him.

He also might have been involved with the suspicious death of her cousin Nadia.