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•Advocate RAGHUVEER SINGH YARDI He has great knowledge of law.

• He has been practicing in the Dewas district court since 1993.
•He is a very gentle and polite person. As I am a fourth-year-law-student,
•I had a lot of queries and despite being so busy in his work he used to solve my
•He is a dynamic personality and it was a treat to eyes to witness his hearings in the
court of law.
•After cheque is bounced a notice is served to the defendant.
•Then a complaint is made to Magistrate u/s 200 of CrPc.
•Then documents are filed to the Magistrate.
•U/s 145 of NIA i.e. Affidavit
•Examination of Complainant’s witness.
•Issue of process.
•Witness of accused are called and examined.
•Final arguments.
•FIR u/s 279,337 of IPC.
•General description.
•U/s 457 of CrPc.
•Getting possession of the seized vehicle.
•U/s 173 report to Magistrate.
•U/s 451 of CrPc.
•Charges are framed.
•Conviction on plea of guilty.
•U/s 436 of CrPc- For 304A of IPC.
•U/s 437 of CrPc- For 467 of IPC.
•U/s 438 of CrPc- For 376 of IPC.
•U/s 439 of CrPc- For 302 of IPC.
 Vakalatnama.
 Memo of Appearance.
 U/s 317.
 List of Documents.
 Bail papers in bailable offences.
 Copying section form.
 Process form.
 U/s 457 of CrPc.