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 Sometimes soil in the region are modified by addition
of cement
 With cement in the range of 7 to 10 percent may
develop considerable strength
 Eliminates need of removal of inferior soil
 Low cost soil improvement
 Aggregates usage is reduced
 Rapid construction
 Design consideration
 Soil type
 Plasticity modulus 250
 Uniformity coefficient of soil should be greater than 5
 Concentration of cement
 Depends upon type of soil and design requirement and
overall economy
 Degree of pulverization
 For effective stabilization it necessary that soil is in
pulverized state (around 80 %)
Strength criteria
 Cement modified soil mixes should be designed on the basis of
their CBR value
 For design purposes field CBR should be regarded only as 45 to 60
percent of that obtained in the laboratory
 Laboratory test result from IRC 50-1973
 Cement content(%age wt of dry  CBR value of specimen compacted
soil) at proctor density

0 8

1 20

2 43

2.5 60

3 65

4 85
◦ The proportion of cement modified soil should be
determined in laboratory

◦ On the basis of strength results mix should be chose

 construction should not be continued for temperature
less than 10oC
 Aggregate percentage passing through 425 micron
sieve should not exceed 25%,
 Uniformity coefficient should be greater than 10.
 Soil having PI greater than 30, or organic content
higher than 2%, or carbonate concentration more
than 0.2% is generally unsuitable for cement
 Proper compaction and curing
 surface should be kept moist to reduce shrinkage
 reducing cement content,
 giving proper level of compaction at the time construction,
 reducing water content,
 controlling the clay content (if any),
 delayed application of bituminous surfacing after proper
 application of crack relief layer like SAMI layer pre-
cracking etc
 soil strength
 quality of the stabilizer
 layer thickness and uniformity
 quantity application of stabilizer
 uniformity in mixing and uniformity of water quantity
 time delay for compaction
 density and strength achieved
 dampness during curing etc
 IRC-50-(Cement-modified soil - road constn.)
Jai Hind