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Education Should

be Free For All

What Education is?

 Basic Right of an individual.

 A power to discriminate between good and bad, right and wrong.

 Education is not a purpose to choose a career or to choose an


 Education is life, a life style a way to think and act

Importance of Education

 Education is important to create self awareness and to act wisely in

difficult situations.
 Outstanding example of Education Activist: Malala Yousfazi

“I don't want revenge on the

Taliban, I want education for
sons and daughters of the

 The Making of Malala:

 UN speech:
Importance of Education:

 Nelson Mandela — Revolutionary, politician and philanthropist who

served as President of South Africa

“Education is the most

powerful weapon
which you can use to
change the world.”
UAE, Education and Evolution

 How different programs were introduced for educational purposes?

 2020 program initiated in 2003-4 which was introduced to have 90%
of population educated by 2020.

 How language was given importance ?

 They understood that English is important for communication and
introduced different language programs at public level.

 The positive changes that occurred due to all these initiatives in past
few decades : IT Conferences, and prosperity as a nation.
Reasons For Free Education

 To end hunger
 By creating better career opportunities by defining career paths of

 To end Poverty
 By creating an awareness to end poverty through education, and
getting youth in to useful services

 To create Awareness
 To create awareness of health and illness, cleanliness, enabling
youth to understand and criticize with logical thinking.
Reasons For Free Education

 To create Peace and Justice among all.

 By creating healthy environment and equal opportunities for all
irrespective of economic background.

 To create Equality
 By non discriminating children of their creeds, race, culture and
Free Education:

 Basic 3 years of early childhood education.

 And above that 12 years of education including primary and

secondary education.

 This will paly an important role in distinguishing a child’s behavior

and interests towards deciding a better career path.
University Education

 Graduation levels are not affordable by Government to be made

free for all

 Includes Taxes, and other resources for research and study.

 Students need to work hard, to cope up with their university fees

along with their studies for better economic growth.
Statistic Results of Expenditure on Education:
Public Expenditures on Education in Billions of Dollars (US), 1997



Billions of US Dollars



452.8 452.2


45.5 67.3
22.7 34.3 20.7 21.1 12.9 6.4

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M L L as

 Education (Basic Level) should be free and equal for all

 No one should be discriminated for education.

 The importance of education is considerably required in under

developed countries to make their economy strong.

 Government should take initiatives for free education like China,

Thailand and Hong kong has taken.

 Education is a weapon which shapes mind.

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