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 PPT on “Talent Acquisition”

◦ By Ashish J. Pandey
Global resource management service company
Focuses on IT,Eng.,ITES sector
Provides IT consulting services
Clients-Wipro Technologies, Hewelett Packard,
HCL Technologies, Definance Technologies
 1. Brand your company as a great place to
 2. Maximize employee referrals.
 3. Pay at least as much as your competitors
for talent, and be transparent about what you
 4. Consider hiring more part-time
contributors, and embrace their flexibility.
 5. Build strong talent networks.
 6. Learn and implement predictive analytics.
 7. Retain the personal touch.
 8. Simplify job applications.
 9. Embrace mobile.
 10. Expand the use of remote employees, but
have a plan to manage them.
 Manage system requisition and roll-out
creating procedures, reporting, training
 Leveraging our social media sites like Linked
 Candidate relationship management-Building
upon the candidate experience
 Hiring top talent-for sales executives
 Consensus with HR, Recruiters and assessment
 Increasing recruiter and candidate satisfaction.
 Enhance the employer brand-to ensure job
seekers understand, culture and differentiators
before the apply
 HR at each site will collaborate with the
recruitment team to ensure hiring process is
executed in a timely manner
 1) Retaining and Rewarding Talented
 2) Developing Future Leaders
 3) Establishing Healthy and Cooperative
Corporate Culture
 4) Attracting Top Talent to Organization
 6) Flexible Work Arrangements
 7) Better Compensations:
 1 – Make being responsive to candidates a
 2 – Create an FAQ page on your careers site
 3 – Create a careers blog for your company
 4 – Be truly prepared to interview your
 5 – Get personal with rejections
 6 – Keep your finalists close even if they
aren’t selected
 7 – Don’t underestimate the power of
pictures and video
• The best candidates are deciding between multiple
offers at once
• There is too much noise in the market
• There is a shortage of great talent out there
• Hiring managers are too picky with what they want
• Takeaway
 Make the interview a great experience
 Building a strong employer brand.
 Use data to find the best places to recruit
 having a conversation with each hiring
manager before the search starts and setting
clear expectations for each other
 Thank You