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Company Overview
> Leading global specialty packaging company - FY18Turnover of USD 375
Million, manufacturing circa8 billion laminated tubes catering to renowned
FMCG/Pharma brands across categories of Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharma &
Health, Food, Oral Care & Home Care.

> One of the only two global players in the tube space, and the world’s
largest manufacturer of laminated tubes.

> Market leader in Oral care tubes with global volume share of 36%

> Growing in the Non- oral care tubes and driving market transition from the
current extruded plastic & aluminum tube formats to the new generation
laminated tubes.

> R&D and Technology driving innovations in products and processes.

> Listed on the NSEand the BSEin India for 35 years sinceinception - Market
Capitalization USD 580 Million at March31, 2018
Mission & Core Values
Mission Core Values
> To be the Global Supplier of Choice by
providing value added, innovative & Innovation

sustainable packaging solutions to a

range of market sectors with customer
Commitment Leadership &
servicesecondto none to Excellence Achievement

> To be a workplace where Passion,

Empowerment and Creativity is Trust, Integrity
Respect &
nurtured by shared values, internal Teamwork

systems& processes
Customer Safety
> Toexhibit responsible behavior & create Care

value for all our stakeholders

Categories Serviced

Beauty &
Beauty Creams
FaceCreams Pharma & Cheese Home Oral Care
Body Lotion Health Jam Adhesives Toothpaste
Ophthalmic Mayonnaise Paints Therapeutic/
Skin Creams OTCGel/ Cosmetic Dental
Wasabi Crayons
Lip Balms Ointments Products
Condensed Milk Shoe Polish
Dilapilatories Prescription Drugs Dental Fixtures
Hair Conditioners
Hair Colorants
Global Market Opportunitiesexpand

➢ High value Cosmetic/ Pharma and others categories opened up with new
generation laminated tubes which offer superior value proposition v/s plastic
and aluminium tubes and bottles.

➢ Market opportunity therefore triples in volume and quadruples in value terms.

Business Model

➢ Centralised production of web in India and then transferring the same to

subsidiaries/JV’s for conversion.

➢ In return of $11 million in cash and $6.87 million equity share, EPL gained
access to the Latin American, Indonesian and Chinese Market.
Global Footprint
11 Countries 19 Factories 3172 Employees


2003 Poland

Germany 1997

1999 China (5)


LaminatedTubes 1993 India (6)
Colombia 2000
1982 Indonesia
Greenfield 2000


Caps Growth thru a mix of pioneering greenfield and synergistic acquisitions

Operates thru WOS in all Countries except Egypt (75%) & Indonesia 30% - Associate

Pharma Regional FMCG

International Marketing Challenges

Pressure on Pricing
• Due to intense competition

Constant technology up gradation

• For Growth
The purpose of this case study was to study the internationalisation of an
Indian company. It examines how a company from an emerging market
becomes a leading player in the global packaging (tube) industry.

The company has also diversified into manufacturing of ‘closures’(caps for

tube as well us packaging media) .

The Market Capitalization is estimated to be US$ 4 Billion Market with the set
up of the art “closure” manufacturing unit in U.S.

The vertical integration into caps would enable the company to provide one
stop shop convenience to the customers.

Essel Propack has been included in the Forbes Magazine's list of the 200 Most
successful companies outside U.S with annual sales of Under 1 Billion in 2003 .
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