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a proud Filipino value


 A traditional system of mutual assistance in

which the members of a community work
together to accomplish a difficult task. In later
use also: a spirit of civic unity and cooperation
among Filipinos.
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The spirit of communal effort to

achieve a task is commonly
practiced in the Philippines, hence,
the term “bayanihan” has become
the motivating force that entices
members of the family to come
forth and lend a helping hand in
almost every endeavor there is to
task. Bayanihan is employed when
a gathering takes place to
accomplish a task or for providing
manual labour, as in a barn raising
 to move it into a new location.
The Bayanihan derived from a Filipino word “bayan”, which means nation,
town or community. The term bayanihan itself literally means “being in a
bayan”, which refers to the spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation
to achieve a particular goal.
Bayanihan is a core
essence of the Filipino
culture. It is helping out
one’s neighbor as
a community, and doing
a task together, thus
lessening the workload
and making the job
It is also called the ‘community
spirit’. It is best exhibited when
people wish to move locations in the
rural area. The traditional Filipino
house, the ‘bahay-kubo’, can be
moved using wooden poles which
are carried from the old place to the
new one. This requires a group of
people to lift and carry the house
on their shoulders. Able-bodied men
usually participated in such feats,
while women stood and
watched, casually chatting and
cheering the men on. Afterwards,
there will be a small gathering as a
form of celebration and socialization.
Reawakening Bayanihan

 bayanihan on typoon Yolanda

We can’t do Everything
But Together we can do

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 Members:
 Buelva, Kharal Ann
 Daliva, Abegail
 Mendeja, Melanie
 Rabi, Le Ann
 Artista, Reymark
 Benaid, Jomar
 Estoya, Jeffrey