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Innovation in fabric Also known as "smart clothing" which is a futuristic form of clothing that functions as an active device. .

Fabrics and general innovation ‡ Thermoregulator fabric line. The new Klimeo process involves the application of a treatment to pure or mixed wool fabrics and is ideal for traditional woven textile markets. . as well as other next-to-skin applications. and is beneficial for knitwear used in active outdoor and sports markets.

It would help restore the balance in the body and strengthen the immune system. ‡ The cloth that has been permeated with special herbs and oils is believed to help cure a wide range of ailments. ‡ The most effective time to wear Ayurvastra is while sleeping or meditating. .Ayurvastra ‡ Ayurvastra is based on the principle of touch. the body loses toxins and the metabolism is enhanced. By coming in contact with the cloth.

with each standing on end when given an electrostatic charge.Fabric and display Fur fabric display According to a recent patent application. the company's so-called fabric display would make use of a series of "furs" that would effectively act as pixels. revealing a different color underneath. .

. A thermochromic substance changes color as it changes temperature." meaning color. a special dye acts as the thermochromic agent.Thermochromic fabrics ‡ The word "thermochromic" looks a little intimidating at first. Thermo comes from the Greek word "thermos. Chromic comes from "chroma." which means warm or hot. In fabrics. but the concept itself is pretty simple.

usually a small battery pack that can fit into a jacket. Most companies cover the circuitry with a thin fabric lining. shirt or pants pocket. A company employee would cut small holes in the jacket and fit an LED into each hole. The employee then attaches a power source.Fabric Displays Using LED ‡ Several companies sell clothes that use LEDs to create special patterns or messages. On the inside of the jacket. the lights spell out your message. ‡ ‡ ‡ . each LED attaches to a circuit board. Once assembled.

These micro spheres which vary in size between 0. These microcapsules gradually release active agents by simple mechanical rubbing which ruptures the membrane.Fabric and health Microencapsulated fabrics ‡ Microencapsulation is a simple process consisting of encapsulating liquid or solid substances in sealed micro spheres. This wall or membrane is made by emulsion or dispersion of a natural or synthetic polymer in a carrier liquid.5 and 2000 microns. form a suspension of tiny droplets surrounded by a thin polymeric wall protecting the active agent before it is released. ‡ ‡ ‡ .

Fart eating undies One man has tackled one of the world's most embarrassing body odour issues ‡ These pants absorb the lot. 30% activated carbon. they ´relieve the pain without the shameµ . Made from 60% sheep·s wool felt. and 2% polypropylene nonwoven fabric. 8% fiber-glass wool.

is creating endless possibilities.Fabric and protection ‡ Odour eaters Relegating body odour to the history books is just the tip of where fabrics are heading in the beauty stakes. which allows a whole swathe of substances including aloe vera. . vitamins or insect repellents to be added to the fabric. Microencapsulation technology.

or lightweight breathability. resilience. This deflective quality strengthens fabric·s ability to block harmful UV rays for the skin without altering the color. . acts as a mirror deflecting UVA and UVB rays.UV protecting fabrics ‡ Sun protection zone announces Rayosan® Fabric Treatment for SunSkinzTM Apparel ‡ Rayosan ® is a coating that. when applied to fabric.

. shape and style of clothes by weaving muscle wires into the fabric.Auto snug jeans ‡ The consumer electronics giant has come up with a concept to change the size. The wires are made of shape-memory alloys that change length according to the small current passed through them.

.Fabric and gadgets The levis musical jacket. The development of digital yarn opens up the opportunity for an entire computerized clothing industry. In the next decade. we will likely see a wide range of digital apparel enter the consumer market.

. This keyboard has been mass-produced using ordinary embroidery techniques and conductive thread.Levi's musical jacket is made with the silk organza and is controlled with an all-fabric capacitive keyboard.

Solar power neck tie The tie features a carry pouch at the back for storing your mobile phone and the PV flexible thin film on the front of the tie converts solar energy into electrical energy to charge the phone .

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