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A114 Classroom News

Week of: March 25th – 29th, 2019

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Save the Dates A Note From

Mrs. Taitague
27th – Hilitai of the Month, 2pm, Cafeteria
Field Trip Forms
April Please sign and return all
3rd – 2nd Grade Field Trip forms no later than
15th – 19th – Spring Break, NO CLASSES
22nd – TYPHOON make up day #6, CLASSES March 29th.
23rd – Classes Resume
24th - Hilitai of the Month, 2pm, Cafeteria

A Peek At What We Are Learning

ELA • I can write narratives. W.2.3
Language & • I can read and comprehend 2nd grade literature. RL.2.10
Reading • Story: Officer Buckle & Gloria
“ On our field trip to Sky Zone I will be on my best behavior by…”
Writing Monday – brainstorm Tuesday – draft Wednesday – edit Thursday – publish
• I can recognize and draw shapes describing the attributes (angles, faces, edges,
Math quadrilaterals, triangles, 2D/3D).
• I can investigate and observe the way to change how something is moving it to give it a
push or pull. GDOE2.3.2
Science • I can demonstrate and observe that magnets can be used to make some things move.
without being touched. GDOE.2.3.3
• I can recognize that Earth pulls objects without touching them. GDOE.2.4.1

Social • I can give examples of people in the school and community who are both producers and
Studies consumers. GDOE.2.5.2

Spelling Words – Week #27

1. family 2. mother 3. father 4. sister 5. brother 6. baby 7. aunt 8. uncle 9. grandfather 10. grandmother
Extra! Extra!
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Writer of the Week
Gabriel Camacho

Teacher Info/Contacts:
School Phone #300-6500 Scholastics Book Order
Email: Code : MQ4X4 Classroom Dojo