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Concept Money
A Division of
Haldar Consultancy Limited
( An Publically Limited Company)
About Us
I. A well established publically limited company.
II. Working since 2007 , as a private limited company.
III. Fundamental Work management, insurance advisory,
broking in Indian commodities market govern by RBI &
IV . Supply Works, and Govt. (Public )Contract Works.
V . 7 States including National Capital Region.
V I. No.1 performing company in management consultancy services
in central India region.
V II. Gross Turn Over in Broking Business in FY-09-10 of the
company was more then Rs.5.34 Crore.
V III. Gross Business in Consultancy Services in FY-09-10 was
around Rs. 12 Lacs.
IX . Dedicated and Professionally trained Independent Business
X . Fastest Growth Making Company for our promoters and
Our Objects
1. To Insure your financial growth as well as a happy
& healthy life.
2. Delivery of a I ncreasing O rder F inancial G rowth
( IOFG) factor based investment portfolio.
3. To make able our clients about the get more return
above of the available financial recourse.
4. A N eed O riented C apital G rowth (NOCG) based
financial planning.
5. Able our IBA’s to magnifying their capacity of –
Earning, S tandard o f L iving (SoL), financial
freedom and so called L ife e ssential T hings
6. Make Our Company a Global Trusted Brand in and
across India
7. Online assessment system very soon.
8. To Modify our Company as such Great Institution
Our Vision & Our Mission
Our Vision
To be a globally respected wealth creator

with an emphasis on customer care and a

culture of good corporate governance.

Our Mission
To be a multi-asset class player with a

significant presence in domestic market &

expand horizons in International markets
through advisory services.
Services We Offer to You

o Business Training Programs ( Learn with Earn)

o Learn with Earn Program , an Uncommon Business Development Training
including Life Changing Tips.
o 5-star facility in training session with all meal facility.
o Free Health, Accidental, Term Insurance cover of you.
o IOMG Portfolio Management Consultancy Service
o A real time value of rupee growth assessment based portfolio management
o Inflation free money management scenario.
o Derivative like stocks, commodities, forex, infrastructure, real estate based
portfolio consideration.
o Free health check-up time to time.
o Free additional Insurance cover to the clients / policy holder.
o Broking Business Consultancy
o Stock Exchange like BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX working methodology ( How Does they
o How to earn in Stock-Market easy steps analysis
o Simple Trading Tips, Annual Subscription facility with online and SMS
o Infrastructure watch and activity monitoring system.
o Training Classes for extra benefit.

How to Start
v Step-1
v Fill the Independent Business Associate (IBA) form, read the term
and conditions of the business plan of the company, attach the
concern documents and D.D./Cheque with form and deposit it
to the company branch office.
v Step-2
v Receive your B S K and product* with receipt of proposal form and
Welcome- Latter provided by the company officials.
v Step-3
v Get proper business training sessions as per your product
category on the prescribed training venue with time.
v Step-4
v Start your business and also start earning*.
v All Terms & Conditions apply.
Business Plan

• Self Joining Benefits

• Sponsorship benefits
• Business Development Rewards
• Royal Income
• Income Assurance
• Enjoy the life
Self Joining Benefits
Advantages of Joining the company as Independent

Business Associate
• Advantage of..
• IOMG Portfolio Manager ( Annual Subscription)
• Free Health Insurance with Regular free
health checkups including TPA and
Cash-less facility*
• Free term insurance facility*
• Lifetime Income opportunity*
• Online Business Facility and SMS alert
very soon.
• TnC apply.

Sponsorship benefits
• Direct Referral Sponsorship
• Binary Income
• Income on 1st , 2nd , and 3rd direct
• Progressive Business Growth
Reward / Cash
• Life time income opportunity*

Business Growth Rewards
Sr. No. Pair Unit New I D Required Assured Gift/Reward Cash Reimbursement
1 0 1 Parker Pen ( Fountain) 99
2 1 2 Executive Business Diary 199
3 2 4 NOKIA Color Mobile 999
4 4 8 25 Ltr. Petrol Cost 1499
5 8 16 DVD Player 2999
6 16 32 21” Flat Color TV 4999
7 32 64 200 Ltr. Fridge 9999
8 64 128 Laptop Computer 19999
9 75 150 100 CC Motor Cycle 29999
10 100 200 1.5Kg Silver ( Chandi) 49999
11 150 300 TATA NANO lxi 119999
12 200 400 Maruti Alto lxi 229999
13 300 500 Holiday Trip ( Maleshiya) 339999
14 400 800 TATA Safari 2.2 Dicor 669999
15 500 1000 2 BHK Flat 999999

N o te : these given chart are liable to change from time to time. Term and
conditions apply.
Royal Income
Income Calculator
e dreams……Success in your fee
üSee Dreams…
ü Think BIG
ü Join Good Community
ü Be Serious about your Seniors Advice
ü Promote your self as an Individual Brand
ü Make your disadvantage to your special
ü Enjoy your life full
ü Pursue your Goals be careful about your decisions
ü…Success in your feet