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Role Of Information Technology In

Environment And
Human Health.
• Information Technology has played a key role in the
development of human Society.
• Modern technologies such as information technology
have changed the Human lifestyle.
• Development of sophisticated instruments like
computers, Satellites, telecommunication instruments
etc have resulted in total revolution in almost all
spheres of life.
• Information technology has tremendous potential in
the field of environment education and health as in any
other field like business, economics, politics or culture.
• A number of software have been developed for
environment and health studies which are used
friendly and can help an early learner in knowing and
Understanding the subject.
Role of IT in Environment

• With the development of Information Technology

many good things as well as bad things born which
directly or indirectly affects the environment.

• Geographical Information System (GIS) has proved to

be a very effective tool in environmental management.
GIS is a technique of superimposing various thematic
maps using digital data on a large number of inter-
related or interdependent aspects.
• Several useful soft-wares have been developed for
working in the field of GIS.
• Technology is related to environment and human as given below.
• Environment, human health and information technology are related to each other.
• The change in IT affects the human health as well as environment.
• There are good as well as bad effects on human health and environment.
• Above figure explain that IT helps to improve the environment and human health.
• There are several organization which are working to improve the standard of human and
without unbalancing the environment.
Special Case:

• Remote Sensing and Geographical Information

System (GIS):
• Satellite imageries provide us actual information about
various physical and biological resources and also to
some extent about their state of degradation in a
digital form through remote sensing.
Role of IT in Human Health

• Information technology also plays a key role in human health.

It helps the doctors to monitor the health of people of that
• The information regarding outbreak of epidemic diseases
from remote areas can be sent more quickly to the district
administration to take corrective measures.
Technology as a factor in
resource usage

• Environmental degradation can be described as a product of

population, resource use per person (affluence) and environmental
damage per unit of resource used (technology).
Technology as a cause of
environmental problems

• Our environment is unique in its ability to sustain

life forms. Human evolution and the
development of technology has empowered
every aspect of our lives. The onus is on us to use
this technology to help the environment from
further degeneration.
• As with anything in life, there are two sides to every story.
• The advantages and disadvantages of using IT in the medical field have
been debated for quite some time and will continue to be debated into
the future.
• However, as our technology improves environment and our healthcare
system evolves, it seems unreasonable not to implement the many
benefits gained by technology.