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Title :

Favorite Cartoon in Class 2B undergraduate Program of

Nursing Stikes Bhamada Slawi.

1. Introduction
a. Background
a). General Decription
cartoon is one of entertainment, such as Barbie, Tom &
Jerry, Oscar
b). The reason
so I want to know which is my favorite cartoon
in the classroom. Then I did a survey of my
favorite cartoons in the classroom
b. Purpose
a) To describe favorite cartoon in class 2B
undergraduate program of nursing Stikes
Bhamada Slawi.
b) To analyze favorite cartoon in class 2B
undergraduate program of nursing Stikes
Bhamada Slawi.
c. Method
This research is quantitative. I conducted a survey
to ten (10) students,they are, Linda, Rofi, Nita, Lilies,
Bahar, Aryuti, Sri, Fero and intan, I asked them what
their favorite cartoon, Barbie, Tom & Jerry, Oscar.
The survey shows that the are 10 students like :


berbie tom&jerry oscar
You can see from the diagram below..
 there are 5 students choose Tom & Jerry as
their favorite cotton
 There are 5 students who love Tom & Jeryy.
They are goddesses, nita, bahar, aryuti and
 There are 5 students did not like Tom &
Jerry. They are linda, rofi, lilies, sri and
 8 students did not like cotton Oscar favorite.
 There are 3 students bechose as a favorite
cartoon cartoons barbie
 There are three students who suk cartoons
barbie. They are lilies, sri, and diamonds
1. Dewi like tom & jerry as adorable
2. Nita like tom & jerry because it can
make us laugh
3. Bahar like tom & jeryy becuse it is funny
4. Aryuti like tom & jerry can make us angry
5. Intan like tom & jerry because not boring
There are 8 students do not like Oscar
because Oscar can not make us laugh
more. 8 students they goddess, nita, lilies,
bahar, aryuti, sri, ferrous, and diamonds
do not like oscar
1. lilies like Barbie because Barbie beautiful,
2. sri like Barbie because Berbie is the cartoon
adventures of a women
3. diamond like nerbie because the story is very nice
and attractive
From the survey, it is show that most of
students like

 There are 3 students like barbie

 There are 5 students like tom & jerry
 There are 2 students like Oscar